Tiger Woods 2012 includes Augusta but not Tiger

I read today over at ESPN.com that Tiger Woods 2012 will FINALLY have what many LONG time fans have hoped for, a chance to play at the home of the Masters,  Augusta National Golf Club.

Tiger Woods 2012 goes on sale March 29th, 2011, a few weeks before the 75th Masters. Gamers across the Wii, Xbox 360 and Playstation consoles will have the opportunity to play Augusta National by qualifying for and attempting to win the Masters.

Features in the Masters edition include a chance to beat each of Tiger Woods four scores when he won the green jacket and advice from an Augusta caddie. It will also feature the voices of announcers Jim Nantz and Davis Feherty from CBS Sports.

There are many new and unique elements in the game that will make everyone feel like they’re really competing at Augusta National,” Woods said in a statement. “This is great for the sport and will connect a new audience with the Masters, a tournament I’ve been fortunate to experience since 1995.”

Continually growing the visibility of golf is important to attracting newcomers to the sport, and I agree that showcasing the Masters Tournament in the game will bring an entirely new dimension to that approach.

A complete list Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012 features:

  • Masters Moments – Play through memorable, historic moments as players try to measure up against some of the sport’s greatest legends.
  • Tiger at the Masters – Relive each of Tiger’s four wins at the Masters by attempting to equal or beat his scores in each round of the Tournament.
  • Caddie Experience – Behind every great golfer is a trusted and reliable caddie. Players will have a caddie by their side on every swing, providing strategic advice, from shot selection to reading greens, helping them become a more successful golfer.
  • The Closest Thing to Being There – For the first time ever, EA SPORTS™ utilized a new state-of-the art laser scanning technology at Augusta National Golf Club to laser scan every hole featured in the game. This will provide players with the most authentic digital representation of the Tournament and Par 3 courses. Every tree, every azalea and every undulation in every green was recreated down to the smallest detail.
  • Broadcast Presentation – Feel the emotion of every swing as called by the all-new commentary team of Jim Nantz and David Feherty, who headline a completely revamped TV broadcast presentation package.
  • Career Mode – The all-new career mode will closely mirror the journey of an amateur golfer’s rise through the ranks and chase the title of Masters champion.
  • New Players – Over 20 professional golfers to choose from, including Zach Johnson and Bubba Watson
  • Championship Courses – Take on the best of the best on sixteen of the world’s most celebrated courses, including Augusta National Golf Club, Royal Melbourne Golf Club (Australia), Atlanta Athletic Club, TPC San Antonio, St Andrews Links and Pebble Beach Golf Links.

Support for WiiMotion Plus and Playstation Move is included but there’s bee no word on whether it’ll be Xbox Kinect. There’s a exclusive Collector’s Edition available for the Playstation 3 that will contain five additional courses.

There is, one thing missing from Tiger Woods 2012.. a picture of Tiger himself on the cover.

When questioned about the absence of the games namesake on the cover, EA’s Peter Moore had this to say:

“We like everybody else that’s involved with Tiger Woods and the game of golf in general, the Augusta club, are all anticipating a great year for golf this year and Tiger being very important in that.

“Obviously it was a difficult year last year, but you saw towards the end of the season Tiger starting to get back to his old ways. We all as both a sports industry and sports fans are hopeful he comes back in full force in 2011.

“He is on the PS3 version of the game [Collector’s Edition]. Our focus this year for this particular release is the Masters itself. You can see the iconic flag as part of the box art.”

Rumors are floating around that the company blamed Tigers bad press and subsequent cover portrait for the games dismal earnings in 2011.

I imagine this move had to sting a bit, I mean, after 13 years of having your face on the cover of a game that bears your name, this years cover has to sting a bit.

What do you think?

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  24 comments for “Tiger Woods 2012 includes Augusta but not Tiger

  1. at

    I don’t know, 13 straight years with your face on it and the next release after all the bad publicity doesn’t have it. Seems like that had some affect.

  2. BrianEmmett

    It’s possible that the bad publicity had an effect on 2011 doing poorly; I know for myself, though, it had to do with the lack of significant, new, distinguishing features. Slightly better graphics are nice, and heightened difficulty through True Aim & Focus, but after a # of years of the same thing on both the PS & the PSP, I decided to skip a year, keep playing 2010, and buy Battlefield Bad company II instead. I doubt any real golf video game fans would have skipped 2011 to scoff the namesake– maybe more had to do with the bad economy and being more discriminating about the purchase of an almost identical game just a year later.

  3. haze300

    Hmm, while i do work at a golf course and have been involved in the game of golf for 20 yrs, i am not a “die hard” but i have a problem w the last paragraph of this article…..It states….” I imagine this move had to sting a bit, I mean, after 13 years of having your face on the cover of a game that bears your birth name, this years cover had to sting a bit.” Really, “bears your birth name”. Really? I believe the video gm that has been known as Tiger Woods ….. whatever yr it is. I own most of them and i have never once saw the name Eldrick on any single cover. i believe that is birth name. correct? oh well, not a big deal since this is some dudes blog. but just another example of blogs and social networking sites ggiving wnkd sports fans a open canvas to post false information.

  4. at

    Yeah, good point.. I guess I should have said “the name he’s used for pretty much his entire life,” I’ll get it corrected.

    Regarding the “not a big deal since this is some dudes blog. but just another example of blogs and social networking sites ggiving wnkd sports fans a open canvas to post false information,” all I’ll say is that if you don’t like this dude’s blog, then stop reading.. It’s a free country and there’s thousands of other golf blogs out there..

  5. Melissa B

    haze300: It’s alright to point out a mistake, but you don’t need to accuse the editor of knowingly posting false information. I’m sure he didn’t intend to mislead anyone, and that’s not even the point of his argument!

    Perhaps the next time you decide to leave a comment on “some dude’s blog” you could pull out a dictionary and your old grammar workbooks and make it a bit more readable. Oh well, no big deal because this is just “some dude’s” comment… But most people with more than a 5th grade education don’t like reading stuff like “w” instead of “with” and “yr” instead of “year” and “ggiving wnkd” instead of “giving weekend”. Maybe if you put a bit of effort and care into your comments they would be taken seriously.

  6. Nick Johnson

    I couldn’t really care about post 3, 4, or 5. I am going to agree with post 2 though. I did not buy the game this year. It did not have anything to do with Tiger himself. I didn’t buy it because it did not do anything special for me. Its hard to re-invent the wheel on a golf game. There is only so much you can do to make it new each year. That being said, this year doesn’t look to be to exciting either. “The emotion of every swing”? ….Blah

  7. Nate


    He’s not on the cover because the biggest sporting event in golf’s history is included in the game. If the game was titled Arnold Palmer PGA Tour Golf, he still wouldn’t be on this years cover except for the collector’s edition. That’s what you should blog about. The fact that the most exclusive club in the world in golf is going to be made available to the public. Next thing you know, you’ll be saying, “I can’t believe Pine Valley is on the cover and not Tiger. You’ll have to Google or Bing Pine Valley, because you sure as hell don’t know the significance of it, if it were ever available to the public in a video game.

  8. at

    Nate, thanks for reading a leaving a comment, even if it’s a condescending one. I suppose that’s one of the perks of the internet anonymity.

    I have to disagree with you, however, that’s not the only reason Tiger’s not on the cover, else, every year they added a new feature, they would’ve replaced his mug with that. They’ve set a precedent by having him on the cover EVERY year the game has been released and IF they wanted him on the cover, they could have EASILY made it happen, plain and simple.

  9. mickey

    The UK release of tiger woods 11 featured Woods and Rory Mcilroy on the cover , however watching EA’s advertising video on amazon , the opening lines were…………..’ this is Rory Mcilroy’….can’t tell you how it went from there , but can tell you Woods got no mention , until the game title . I think Tiger has a contract with EA and when that contract runs out , bye bye Tiger , hello next big thing.

  10. steve

    You guys are retarded u can see tiger taking a shot in his blue shirt. Just because his face isn’t seen doesn’t mean he’s not on the cover. Look at it u can see him and his caddie very clearly

  11. jesterloc

    Steve, well said, thank you. Tiger is on the cover. it is funny that this is what the discussion is about. What is the difference if you have had your name on it since the first release? Bottom line, it is Tiger’s game, and will continue to be. With out Tiger and his contributions to the game, there would be no video game. Well, not one that flew off the shelves like his has. I am thrilled that Augusta is finally in the game. Good on the folks there for realizing that this is something we as the consumers have wanted for a long time. I anticipate record sales for this one. And, with Tiger on the cover too. Not only is it Tiger on the cover, but in amen corner as well. C’mon people, it is right there in front of you.

  12. jesterloc

    and on a quick note, it is merely EA paying homage to Augusta for finally joining ship. As well as having Tiger on the cover.

    Also, since Tiger has to approve the game, i really doubt he felt any sort of sting.

  13. Branodn

    well he’s face might not be on the cover but the master is bigger then just one golfer and plus he is tell on the cover he is the golfer u see taking the swing

  14. Rick

    who care if tigers “face” isnt on the cover, tiger isnt the main focus of this years game. sure this is tigers game, however lets face it..in 13 years of this game, there has not been such a drastic change..sure features of the game have changed and each year the game has offered something “new” or “better”..but in 13 years, there has been one thing missing and thats Augusta and The Masters. this is what everyone has been waiting for and is a big step for the tiger woods game franchise. The Masters deserves to be on the cover of this game and deserves to be the focal point of this game. I would rather see The Masters over hyped in this game and on the cover rather than another picture of tiger and then only seeing Augusta when you play the tour schedule or on the play now feature

  15. at

    I have only the 2010 version. Friends/family borrowed it and became frustrated and never really tried, complaining that the putting was too difficult. I had to agree, however a little patience and the putting came around.
    Buying the 2011 version never occured to me since I was still struggling through 2010 and stubbornly trying in vain to successfully complete Tiger’s East Lake challenge of 8 under on nine holes.
    Simply because Augusta loosened their sphincters and allowed the course to be in the game I look forward to buying it and finally forgoing the ridiculous East Lake challenge in lieu of something different.

    BTW…I’m 47 yrs old and have been a scratch disc golfer for over 20 years, calling La Mirada my home course. I like ball golf but find it terribly unsatisfying and expensive. Playing Wii in the comfort of my home pretending to golf is way better…
    …having said that…the disc golf part of the game is merely o.k. in my opinion since I have about a dozen aces with my longest ace at 360 feet…very satisfying indeed!

  16. Peter Frost

    For everybody that is a Tiger Woods hater. IF YOU DON”T LIKE TIGER THEN KEEP HIS NAME OUT YOUR MOUTH. I bet if EA sports would have used any other golfers name on all of these games it would not make near as much money as the game did with Tiger Woods on the cover. So stop hatin on the man because he has bucket loads of money.

  17. Jason

    I have purchased many of the Tiger Woods games over the years and since they were basically the same each year with the exception of better graphics and putting changes, I have wouldn’t run out an buy this one. EXCEPT, this has Augusta! This is the one time that I have eagerly awaited the new version and will purchase it within the next week. I can and have played the real TPC at Sawgrass but I will probably never play Augusta outside of this game. It appears that Tiger Woods is on the cover of this game but the emphasis is on Augusta, where it should be. Who cares what the cover is, it is what is inside that counts!

  18. Two Putt Shakur

    Some deal must have been struck with Augusta National and EA Sports for letting the game use this brand name. This must be a one off deal as I can’t see this course being on the 13 version. As well as introducing new courses in the future, new players must meet the public demand. Is Rickie Fowler in this new console? Courses I’d like to see in the future include Pine Valley (No 1 in world) Sunningdale Old and Turnberry

  19. Will Sheridan

    Enjoying the game but have a couple of complaints. PUTTING IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!! Your caddie gives bad advice and there’s no rhyme or reason to adjustments that need to be made. The putting speed is nearly impossible to figure out. Also in order to challenge myself a bit, I switched to Tour Pro mode but that removes your ability to use power boost and control spin on the ball……………..no fun.

  20. matt

    this game was pga pro tour III for the sega b4 tiger

  21. Jess

    Cant wait to attend the 2011 Masters in Augusta! Im going with my best friend and this is our 2nd year going!

  22. Mr Nicklaus

    Best Golf tournament The Master i doubt it, The Open Oldest and most prestigious
    golf tournament in thee world of golf

  23. Mokokos

    When that crash happened and everything came out about his terrible infidelities, and the dumped about his crass, uncouth behavior like an animal in heat. Well I became disgusted with him. I took his poster off my wall and threw out the figurine memento I had of him. I want my Heroes to be good guys, family guys; not a clone of stupid Charles Barkley. Now I know why the players respected his game but it was like pulling teeth getting the players to say anything admirable about him being a good family man.

  24. Tom

    I agree with #19 Sheridan – Putting is not any where close to the real game. I changed over to the two click and found it just as difficult if not worse. You have to hit the alignment lines for a 3 ft put dead center to get it in the hole. Very unrealistic! I’ve played a lot of golf and never been this frustrated. When I earned credit to play in the masters the spin control was turn off. What’s up with that? Crazy! Do real pros lose spin control when they play. I’m fed up with the issues this is not fun to play.

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