Ask the Fitter & Win a free custom club fitting

Last week I wrote about my custom driver fitting out at the Orlando TaylorMade Performance Lab, which was a completely awesome experience.

The driver recommendation was a 9.5 degree TaylorMade R9 SuperTri TP with an Aldila RIP 70 gram stiff shaft with a club head (NU) setting and a 16g weight in the heel.

Working with master club fitter Travis Kent, we’ve come up with a way to help spread the word about the TaylorMade Performance Lab AND give you a chance to win a free $400 custom club fitting.

On the Orlando Golf Blogger Facebook page, I’ve created an Ask The Fitter topic.

The rules are pretty simple, all you need to do is post a question to the topic and once a month we’ll do a random drawing of all entrants and one lucky person will win the free custom club fitting at the TaylorMade Performance Lab. It’s technically limited to the Orlando Location, but if you happen to be selected and have a location near you, we can try and see if they’ll squeeze you in.

Travis is answering any questions you have on custom club fitting. This is a broad topic which covers a variety of areas such as; benefits of a club fitting for all handicaps, club loft, lie, shaft weight, balance, swing weight, launch angle, ball flight, spin, swing speed, etc..

He’s also answering any questions on TaylorMade golf clubs and specifications.

If you can’t post a question to the “Ask the Fitter” topic, you can email me with it and I’ll post it on your behalf, be sure to include your contact information in your email so I can enter you into the drawing.

Good Luck and here’s hoping you win the free custom fitting!

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  5 comments for “Ask the Fitter & Win a free custom club fitting

  1. at

    What can you tell us about the new DG Spinner shafts from True Temper and the Rev Shafts from Royal Precision and how they can improve someone’s wedge play?

  2. Curtis

    Is this contest still going on? It seems the only comment was from a friend of yours (i read the roundtable you guys did). Is the blog still updated? Last post was a month ago. I loved this blog and I am just confused I guess. Did I win? Did anybody win?

  3. at

    Hi Curtis,

    Thanks for the comment! The contest is still going on, hasn’t receive much interest from readers, but most have posted on the “ask the fitter” topic on the OGB fanpage.

    The blog is still active, I’ve been unavailable these past few weeks but that’s over so I can get back to writing.

  4. Mark Grant

    I have a TaylorMade Burner (2008) with a broken shaft. Was wondering if you could give me a list of good shafts for the head.. I need the torque to be about 3.0 with the weight on thr heavier side 75-80g. Would appreciate any help in finding the right shaft for this club, since the retail shop I purchased it from didn’t know what they were doing. And, I got a driver with the wrong shaft in it. So I’m not only out a driver, I’ve wasted my hard earned money because the driver is worthless right now specially since I broke the shaft that was on there out of flustration…. Thank you!!!

  5. Ann

    I’m a high handicap woman golfer in my second year of league. Playing on and off for 5 years but consistently playing for the last 2 years. I feel like I’ve hit a plateau in my game and I’m thinking of purchasing the new Rocketballz club set. Can you please let me know why a custom fitting for these clubs would be beneficial as opposed to just ordering them off the shelf. Will it truly make a difference in my game? My husband thinks because of the inconsistency of my ball striking a custom fitting would not make much of a difference.

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