Golf Humor – Darth Vader Putting Video

Little Monday Golf Humor for you.

With those putting skills, Darth Vader has a bright future on the PGA Tour! 🙂

That raises an interesting discussion, for all you Star Wars fans out there, who do you think would be the greatest professional golfer out of all the characters from the original movies?

I’m going with Yoda, it would, of course be a little tough to find him a good set of clubs, nothing the TaylorMade Performance Lab couldn’t manage, though.. 🙂 He’d easily master the mental aspect of the game, which for most is at least 90%.

His close proximity to the ground would give him an edge on reading those difficult putts. Ofcourse, conventional methods don’t necessarily apply when dealing with those who manipulate the force.. 🙂

Who do you think?

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  1. at

    Funny vid. I have to get out to the range soon and get back into “golf” mode.

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