Five rules to follow when playing golf with a woman

I found this video on while surfing at the office. I book marked it figuring it might be some interesting viewing and could be some good info to pass on to you, my fine readership.

So, without further ado, the five rules to follow when playing golf with a woman, presented by Stine Sternberg, senior editor at Golf Digest.

After watching the video, however, I realized that’s four minutes of my life that I’ll never get back..

I don’t know if it’s the Glee-ish background music or the condescending tone in which the tips were delivered, but this video annoyed me. I guess it could also be the fact that EVERY one of these rules apply to your interactions with ALL golfers and they’re trying to make them gender specific…


  1. Don’t forget who you’re riding with – If you’re hitting from tees further back than your male playing partner, you can sometimes forget where they’re playing from or forget that they haven’t already hit (happened to me before).
  2. Don’t give unsolicited swing advice – this is a universal no-no and we’ve all been both the offender and the offended..
  3. Don’t act like her game doesn’t matter – Most of us have been the recipient of the extra generous gimme putts during a meltdown round or the foot stopper after playing some military golf from trap to trap around the green. Regardless of gender, in most cases it’s not condescension, it’s empathy for your plight..
  4. Don’t overreact to a bad shot – This is probably the most widely expressed sentiment in the game of golf. It’s a gentleman’s game and as such, we should all act accordingly and behave in a manner that will not ruin your playing partner’s round.
  5. If she owes you money, don’t refuse it – I’m OK with this one.. 🙂 If you whoop me good on the course and than refuse my money.. you won’t see me being offended! 🙂

Check out the comment left by Cabrera_Fan, his rules make much more sense than the videos..

Also, check out playing golf with the boss, there’s some good pointers here on how to interact with BMOC whilst on the links.

What do you think? What rules do you think one should follow when gaming with the opposite sex?

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