Cleveland HB3 Hybrid Irons – Golf Club Review

The HB3 Hybrid Irons are the latest in Cleveland Golf’s game improvement irons and according to the company…

They’re “the best hybrid iron set we have ever produced.” The new Cleveland HB3 Iron is lighter, faster and longer! With its advanced internal weighting and forgiving sole design, this seamless transition full hybrid iron set inspires confidence at address while providing supreme launch conditions.

The Cleveland HB3 comes equipped with our “NEW” Action Ultralite graphite shaft, which is 15 grams lighter with a lower kick point than its predecessor. As a result you get faster clubhead speeds, higher launch angles and the longest hybrid iron set engineered by Cleveland Golf.

The company was kind enough to not only make them for both left-handed and right handed golfers, they also sent me a set to play with and add to my repertoire of golf club reviews.

From the company:



Weight removal on crown & sole recesses allow for internal discretionary weight placement and a 12% deeper face to CG depth than HiBORE XLi irons.


The new sole design provides recessed sections to reduce drag and improve turf interaction while maintaining wide sole characteristics for increased control and forgiveness.


The new HB3 takes hybrid irons to the next level in distance, forgiveness and overall performance. Their seamless transition and full hollow construction throughout the set provides golfers with irons so easy to hit, it almost feels like cheating.

The Cleveland Golf HB3 Hybrid Irons were the recipient of a silver medal on the 2010 Golf Digest Hotlist – Super Game-Improvement Irons Category.

I’ve been looking forward to hitting these clubs! I’m a 19 handicap and figured the Cleveland HB3 hybrid irons would be just what I need to help my struggling game!

For this golf club review, I spent a fair amount of time on the range getting acclimated to the clubs, this included some pitch shots around the practice greens. After I felt comfortable with them, I put them in the golf bag for three rounds of golf. Below are my findings..

PROS: For the most part, they’re easy to hit, long irons especially, which, of course, was the reason hybrids were created… Forgiveness is probably the most memorable trait these clubs possess, you could hit it just about anywhere on the club face and not have to worry about the horizontal beeline that we’ve all experienced at least once in our golfing careers!  They provide decent feedback, you will know it when you hit the sweet spot or when you hit an off center shot.

For players who suffer from a slice, they do a good job of straightening out your shots, too good in fact (explained below). Distances on the HB3’s are consistent and once you figure it out, you can confidently pick your shots and not worry about too much or too little yardage..

Each club comes with it’s own head cover, which is pretty awesome. You don’t have to worry about your $700 investment getting scratched and dinged through transport, assuming of course, that you actually utilize them. 🙂

CONS: I found that although the Cleveland Golf HB3 Hybrid Irons feature a recessed center, which is supposed to help reduce turf drag, that these clubs were a pain to hit out of the rough. The size of the clubs also takes some getting used to, the larger soles, especially in the longer irons can do funny things to a mans perception.

Distance, although consistent, was nothing to brag about.

My biggest gripe about these clubs was that I kept pulling all of my shots on the course. Range performance seemed to indicate that I’d tear it up on the links, the reality, however was quite the opposite.

My playing partner, golf coach, and all around cool guy, John Duval, who writes, said it best when he said “man, you’re too good for those clubs!

His statement wasn’t a knock at the clubs, for the most part I hit pretty straight iron shots and the Cleveland Golf HB3 Hybrid Irons are super game-improvement clubs. I believe they have some type of anti-slice weighting applied to them and since most of my iron shots are straight, rather than correcting a deficiency, they were creating one.


Although I wasn’t blown away like I was with the Cleveland DST Launcher Driver these clubs have their merit. With these clubs Cleveland adequately met the needs of the golfers they’re designed for. I would say the HB3’s are meant for high handicappers who have trouble making solid contact with the ball and have a tendency to hit a slice with their irons.

Definitely try these clubs out before purchasing and I’d strongly encourage you to take them for a spin on an actual golf course before committing to buy.

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