2010 Ryder Cup – Tiger Woods hitting Mark Pains Camera

This is by far, my favorite 2010 Ryder Cup photo.  Saturday, during the session one fourballs, Tiger Woods, partnering with Steve Stricker and on the 17th hole, hit an errant chip shot from the rain soaked rough.

The chip made a bee line towards MailOnlines on site photographer, Mark Pain. Using his trusty Nikon D3S with a 20-70mm lens, that has a shutter speed of 1/1000 of a second, Pain never budged, and continued snapping photos until the golf ball struck the camera.

I suppose he figured that the capturing the moment was easily worth the price of a new camera. 🙂

And just for the record, even a planted photographer wasn’t enough to stop Woods and Stricker from going 2up on Poulter and Fisher.

Oh, and whats up with the guy in the background with the stache and stogey?? I though those guys were only in the comedy movies?? 🙂

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