2010 Golf Digest Golf Ball Hotlist

The 2010 Golf Digest Golf Ball Hotlist has been posted and the results, as usual aren’t too shocking.

Every year, in addition to the rest, Golf Digest releases this years golf ball hotlist. The categories vary slightly from year to year, but overall, it’s a great resource to use if you’re in the market for a new golf ball.

A panel of judges meets for four days with a goal to identify the 30 most effective and intriguing golf balls in the game today.

The judges evaluated candidates for the 2010 Golf Digest Golf Ball Hotlist in four weighted categories:

Based on interviews with our players, independent robot testing and other sources, the judges assessed the utility of each product. Simply put, this score reflects how the ball reacts when struck.

In consultation with our technical panel and based on interviews and a review of company documents, this grade reflects how a ball’s technology advances the category and how that technology is explained to the public and our editors.

3. FEEL / 20%
Using input from the players who hit a variety of shots from multiple locations, our judges evaluated how often the feel of one ball was preferred over that of another. Feel includes sound.

4. DEMAND / 5%
An assessment of the reputation, interest, intrigue and excitement about a ball, considering market presence, tour use, relative value and consumer satisfaction by consulting research from Golf Datatech, other published resources, and a panel of leading retailers.

For each golf ball that makes the hotlist, Golf Digest assigns a gold or silver rating to it with a brief synopsis of the ball.

Last year, my TopFlite Gamer received a gold rating on the golf ball hotlist, I still consider it a good ball, but I’ve switched to the TaylorMade Penta TP, which also received a gold rating.

The categories for the 2010 Golf Digest Golf Ball Hotlist are as follows..

  • Golf Balls under $20
  • Golf Balls $22-$35
  • Golf Balls over $35
  • Women’s Golf Balls

With over 1012 types of golf balls out there, it’s pretty overwhelming trying to choose the ball for your game.

That’s what I really like about the golf ball hotlist, it makes that search a lot easier. There’s always a lot of debate on whether or not these lists are legit and there’s probably some truth to both sides of the argument, but overall, I believe the Golf Digest hotlists are valid and worth perusing.

Golf Digest suggests, before choosing a golf ball, ask yourself two questions..

  1. How much spin around the green do I want?
  2. How much do I want to spend?

These answers and a review of the 2010 Golf Digest Golf Ball Hotlist will give you a good starting point for your search. Of course, if the compromises don’t make sense to you, or if you can’t see the benefits on the golf course, then you should play the least-expensive ball.

What’s your “gamer” ball and did it make the list?

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