USA wins the Orange County National Ryder Cup Event

Last Friday, September 10th, was the much anticipated Orange County National Ryder Cup Event. This event pitted 16 US players vs 16 UK Soldiers from 1st Bn Coldstream Guards, who just came back from Afghanistan and were down in Orlando for a week of “adventure training.”

Below are the tournaments combatants.

The format was two-man better ball match play with 100% handicaps, playing off the lowest handi in the group. Three points are awarded per foursome, one point for the front nine, one point for the back nine and one point for the overall outcome.

I played in a foursome with fellow golf blogger John Duval (+2), writer of and two really cool dudes, John(10) and Lee(10).

From the Left, Lee, OGB, John, JFD

In our foursome, we won the front nine, halved the back nine and got the overall, contributing 2.5 points.

Team USA, showed up in stereo-typical boisterous national pride sporting the LoudMouth Golf Stars & Stripes shorts and swept the field with a final score of 18.5 to 5.5 points.

In the UK teams defense, however, they haven’t had a whole lot of time to work on their golf game, fighting for freedom and all that..

The greatest shot of the day came from “the Major.” His approach shot went through the tree on it’s way to the green and after searching for his ball for a couple minutes, the foursome realized that the ball never came out of the tree. It had become tangled in some spanish moss and “the Major” showed us his super secret fairway wood chop technique.

The festivities concluded with lunch and quite a few rounds of beer in the clubhouse. By “quite a few,” I mean they probably sold more Guinness on that day than they had the entire year leading up to it.

Every last one of them were stand up guys who have my total respect for the sacrifice they make for their country. It was a great event and thanks to everyone who took my advice and participated!

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    Very cool idea, and a lot of fun. A few friends of mine in Chicagoland hold a similar event each year, and the enjoy the heck out of it. Nice post!

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