Keep cool with adidas FORMOTION ClimaCool golf shirts

Just in time for the summer heat, adidas releases it’s new line of FORMOTION ClimaCool golf shirts with CoolMax® Energy Fabric.

New FORMOTION ClimaCool performance fabric works with the body to maximize performance
and help golfers play every hole as strong as their first.

Adidas Golf, one of the leading global apparel brands in golf, has elevated the performance of its highly-successful ClimaCool line with the addition of CoolMax Energy fabric, a new concept in technology aimed at balancing a golfer’s body temperature and increasing comfort.

The new FORMOTION ClimaCool golf shirts made their debut on the PGA tour at Augusta.

These next-generation golf shirts with CoolMax Energy fabric utilizes scientifically-designed microfibers to improve airflow to the skin, resulting in extra cooling and ultimately more energy to play at peak performance long into a round. Highly-synthetic construction pulls sweat away from the body and increases micro-ventilation through strategically-placed mesh patterns under the arms and on the back.

ClimaCool with CoolMax Energy does everything a traditional ClimaCool shirt does, plus a whole lot more,” says Patricia Dahan, Senior Director of Global apparel. We first took a look at our tour pros, who are wearing their shirts for sometimes 12 hours a day, and wanted to create a polo that performed throughout the entire round.

CoolMax Energy fabric has been specially-formulated to work with the body to be more efficient, and is one of the fastest drying garment fabrications available. From the stretch properties in the fit for optimal swing freedom, to special seam technology that minimizes irritation, to its cooling properties, this shirt has everything to maximize performance.”

Available in both Men’s and Women’s styles, FORMOTION ClimaCool with CoolMax Energy fabric is available at retailers now, in two body cuts: “R” for relaxed, which has a slightly-oversized fit throughout including sleeves and shoulders; and “L” for leaner, a form-fitting, sleek fit. All are moisture-wicking and come equipped with a UPF protection of 15+.

I was sent one of the FORMOTION ClimaCool golf shirts to try out and review. Being the studly golfer that i am, I asked for the leaner, form-fitting shirt. 🙂 It fit really well in the shoulders and the sleeves were the perfect length. There’s nothing that irritates me more in a shirt than if the sleeves are too long or too short. If they’re too long, I find that it can sometimes catch your elbow during a golf swing and if they’re too short, I find that they ride up my arm and bunch up in the pits.

The leaner fit design performs as expected and if you’re at all self-conscious about your midsection and slightly expanded girth, you probably want to avoid this cut. Because of the shirts lighter, thinner material and the leaner cut, it shows every imperfection ones body might be suffering. Conversely, if you’re packing a washboard under your shirt, it’ll display it proudly for all the world to see! I, unfortunately, am not… 🙁

The leaner fit is also a good cut if you’re looking for a golf shirt that you can pull off both tucked in and un-tucked.

I’ve logged five rounds with the adidas FORMOTION ClimaCool golf shirt and I believe it lives up to it’s claim of being breathable and moisture-wicking. The shirt does a good job of regulating body temperature, but it hasn’t been my experience that it helps you maintain peak performance throughout the entire round.

I played a round wearing the shirt on an especially hot Florida day and by the end of the round, even with the CoolMax technology I was utterly exausted and to make matters worse… I lost the round.

The shirt is well constructed and stylish and I was especially impressed with the shirt seams, they’re well constructed and able to withstand even the most overzealous fan tugging on your shirt.

Like I mentioned previously, overall, the shirt is great, but there’s one thing that disappointed me about the shirt. After two washes the FORMOTION decal on the left sleeve started peeling off. It looks like a professional version of those iron-on screens that you find ever present at family reunions.

Now, the peeling off of the decal doesn’t diminish the structural integrity of the shirt, I’m just a bit dismayed that a shirt with an MSRP ranging between $60 – $80 would have such a flaw.

Perhaps I just received a lemon…

Next time you’re in the local golf shop swing by the golf shirt section and take a look at the FORMOTION ClimaCool with CoolMax shirts, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Your thoughts?

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