Big Break Sandals Resort – Week 4

This weeks episode of Big Break Sandals Resort is called “Lady Luck.” If you’ve missed any of the previous episodes, you can catch up at Big Break Sandals Resort.

It began with everyone sitting at the breakfast table and being asked to look under their chairs. Underneath one chair was the save/send card, which Seema found.

Carling quipped “I thought I was lucky because I found a made in China sticker under my chair…”

Because she found the card under her chair, she was safe from elimination and was able to pick one other contestant to save. She chose her roommate Taryn.

The rest of the cast had to play in head to head match-ups with Seema picking the pairings. Now, she had a real opportunity here to make some strategic pairings and possibly get rid of some of the stronger players, but being that she didn’t want to ruffle any feathers, she chose to spin a water bottle to decide who plays who.

The pairings were as follows:

Chris vs Sara

Lili vs Carling

Stacey vs Ryann

The head to head match-ups on this episode of Big Break took place “waaay back” on the ninth hole of Sandals Resort almost to 600 yards. There was a little twist though, hitting a tee shot for each pairing was Remax World Long Drive Champion Jamie Sadlowski. From the tee shot, the contestants battled the rest of the way to the green, with the loser of each match-up heading straight to the elimination challenge.

Whilst the match-up was getting underway, Seema and Taryn went snorkeling in the beautiful Jamaican waters.

Jaime’s first drive left Chris and Sara with 171 yards to the pin. Chris lost the hole.

His second drive was a freakish 396 yards leaving Stacey and Ryann with 168 yards. Ryann’s first shot ended up left of the green about an inch from the hazard line whilst Stacey’s was pin high on the opposite side. Both players ended up with birdies, forcing a closest to the pin play-off from 100 yards out. Ryann won the playoff hitting it within 18`7″ sending Stacey to the elimination challenge.

The final pairing, Carling and Lili played the hole from 177 yards out. Lili and Carling also birdied the hole and went to the 100 yard closest to the pin playoff. Lili won the challenge by hitting it to 10 feet.

The three remaining players went on to a “Take a Chance” challenge. This challenge gives the players two options. They can opt to hit a shot within 12` or “take a chance” by picking a number between 1-10. Behind each number is a yardage they have to hit within, ranging from 6-35 feet.

Sara was up first, took a chance, chose #7 which yielded a yardage of 35 feet. She made the shot and was safe.

Lili went second, took a chance, chose #4 and had to hit it within 15 feet. She shanked her shot and although she landed on the green, she was outside of the yardage and thus was sent to the elimination challenge.

Lastly, Ryann also took a chance, selecting #4 and had to hit within 30 feet. She BARELY made it within the yardage, missing being sent to the elimination challenge by no more than an inch.

For this Big Break elimination challenge the players will have to hit two shots from 200 yards out to a point grid on a narrow green in high winds with water on the left and sand bunkers on the right. The two players with the highest score after the two shots are safe and the two remaining players will go head to head on the Sandals Resort 14th hole.

The first shot was 200 yards out and the scores were:

Chris – 0
Carling – 2
Lili – 1
Stacey – 0

After the first part of the challenge, the two goose eggs, Stacey and Chris head to the 303 yard 14th hole where one of them will be going home.

Both hit good tee shots with Chris having the better angle to the green. Stacey, with the away tee shot had 112 yards to the pin, hit a chunk shot and landed short of the green side bunker. Chris with 108 yards to the hole, chunked her shot short as well.

Stacey’s third shot was about an inch away from being in the bunker and 53 yards away from the flag. She landed the shot on the green and missed her par putt. Chris made hers, thus making Stacey Bieber the fourth player eliminated from Big Break Sandals Resort.

Overall, it was another really good episode, I think the final head to head elimination match-up adds a bit of suspense to the challenges. Seema was very lucky to be the one sitting in the immunity chair because she was by far the weakest player in the field this week and I was expecting her to go home. Looking back over the past few episodes, Big Break Week 2 she missed elimination because Kelly Sheehan blew up. Big Break Week 3, she was saved from having to play in the elimination challenge because the other players felt bad for her.

What did you think of this weeks episode?

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