Tiger Woods Rumored Divorce Proceedings

Word is flying around the ‘net about the rumored Tiger Woods divorce settlement. Although nothing official has been reported yet, most people I’ve spoken with have taken the rumor as fact.

It’s kind of funny how that works, I always wonder if it’s the online news agencies ability to cleverly craft the article so that wording like “alleged” and “rumored” tend to be overlooked or ignored or if it’s the nature of reading news online where we scan the article and pick out only the important pieces, so that we see “Tiger Woods Divorce” and bypass the preceding adjective.

Either way, It broke the virtual news stands earlier today and it’s pretty juicy.

The details of the “alleged” Tiger Woods divorce settlement are as follows:

In exchange for her silence about their marital affairs, Elin Woods would receive a $750 million settlement, the largest celebrity settlement, ever. This means that potential book deals, speaking engagements, soap boxing or any other public divulging of information is strictly off limits. Man.. for $750 million it’s not too much to ask I hope.. 🙂

She would also get sole physical custody of the children whilst sharing legal custody with Tiger, giving him some decision making powers over the Woods children.

Tiger, in turn, is banned from exposing the children to any woman he is romantically involved with, until such time that he and said woman are married. Sources say “Elin is desperate to protect the children from the womanizing side of their father.”

She get’s the home in Winderemere as well as the Sweden house built by her and her sister. He gets the still under construction Jupiter house, reportedly worth $80 million.

It’s rumored that she’ll be filing the papers in an Orlando Court next week.

SHEEESH.. no wonder Tiger Woods has been feeling “frustrated” out at AT&T National..

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