Tiger Woods 2011 – Taste of things to come?

I saw the cover of the new Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011 and thought to myself, that’s odd.. why is Rory McIlory on the cover? Then I started thinking about previous versions of the game and was trying to visualize the covers and couldn’t think of a single one where Tiger shared floor space with another golfer.

Doing some research I discovered that this is the first year in the history of the franchise that a player other than Tiger Woods has been featured on “his” game.

Mere coincidence? Possibly..

Tiger Woods 2011 features a new officially licensed Ryder Cup which no other version of the game has had, which could explain it.. which, by the way, looks pretty cool. You can gather up 23 online friends and play an entire Ryder Cup. I can’t imagine the coordination of 24 folks online at the same time will be all that simple, but if you can achieve, I bet it’d be a pretty cool experience.

I wasn’t the first one to notice this not-so-subtle shift on the Tiger Woods 2010 Cover, over at golfweek Eric Soderstrom wrote a piece on it… three months back (yeah, I’m not the sharpest pencil in the box). Check it out..

McIlroy joins Woods on ‘Tiger 2011’ cover

What do you think? Is EA going to try (i don’t see how) to distance itself from Tiger?

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    I look forward to that 24 person ryder cup game play. That will definitely be fun. As far as EA shifting the spotlight to other golfers is difficult to see. He is the most recognizable golf figure, and today’s youth need noteable recognition on covers of thier games. I like that McIlroy is on this cover because it is time for other players to have more of the limelight. They are all outstanding athletes and deserve it. I look forward to seeing the next years cover, but i expect to see just Tiger or another shared cover with Tiger.
    Im like you, and behind the times with xbox or things of this nature. Thanks for the insight

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    If there was any way NOT to include Tiger’s image on the cover of the game, EA Sports would’ve done it. They don’t even let Tiger promote the game. They have guys like Ian Poulter out doing it.

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    Interesting.. I haven’t see that, how is Ian Poulter promoting the game?

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    I have a feeling Tiger’s going to have to get used to sharing the spotlight. Could this be some foreshadowing possibly?

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