Golf Fitness – Top 5 ways to ignite motivation

Golf Fitness Guru John Heringer from Fast Action Fitness (formerly posted up the Top 5 Ways to ignite motivation and determination.

It’s a good short, straight to the point, easily achievable read and I recommend checking it out.

John and I started corresponding a couple months ago when I started the golf fitness series of posts and he’s also written a couple guest fitness posts for the blog. You can read them here.

Essential Components of a Golf Fitness Program – Part 1

Essential Components of a Golf Fitness Program – Part 2

About two months ago, using, John created a completely customized golf fitness workout for me 100% remote. It was a pretty cool process. Using the website, I completed a self fitness evaluation using the videos they have and based on the input from the evaluation John created a sixteen week workout program.

My theory is that players will be able to cut some strokes off their game doing nothing other than exercising with golf specific exercises. So far, I’ve notice some small improvements in my game, nothing ground breaking yet, but I’ve managed to lower my handicap about 1/2 a point. It’s nothing that will launch me into the PGA Tour, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

Here’s the post on the golf workout.

I’ve had a golf fitness poll up for a couple months and it looks like about 1/2 of the golfers who do workout have a golf specific routine. I’m curious to know how it’s impacted your game. What I’d like to see is the vast majority of folks claiming some huge gains in the handi arena because of the workout! 🙂

There’s many of us who are crazy passionate about golf and we spend hours and days playing and practicing trying to improve our game. I believe that if we can shift the focus a bit and put more of a fitness spin on it, you’ll reap benefits that far exceed the game of golf.

Just my thoughts, be sure to check out John’s article, it’s a good read!

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    Golf fitness is such an integral part of the game. It can make some huge differences…

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