Golf Digest U.S. Open Challenge

The Golf Digest U.S. Open Challenge is a contest Golf Digest was running back in January, where “average Joes” entered to win the opportunity to try and break 100 at Pebble Beach under U.S. Open conditions.

Unfortunately I missed the boat on the initial contest, which is a shame because I’m certain I would’ve been a shoe-in to win! 🙂

Well, after thousands of entries, five finalists have been chosen, all vying for the chance to break 100 at Pebble Beach, playing under U.S. Open conditions in a group of celebrities.

The winner will be decided by user vote and just for voting you could win an all-expenses paid trip to Pebble Beach! You can submit a vote once a day and you can get additional chances to win by referring a friend.

Voting ends April 30th, 2010.

Here’s the link -> Golf Digest U.S. Open Challenge

The five finalists are a plumber, high school choir director, former mascot turned financial services consultant, young hotshot attorney and an unemployed woman.

Their stories are pretty entertaining, but nothing that struck me as terribly noteworthy.. I’m voting for the former mascot turned FSC because I like his story and his overall outlook on things.

I think it’s odd that every entrant is under a 10 handicap.. So much for average Joe..

Well, I suppose I can understand their reasoning, the winner is going to play in a televised event and it would be pretty embarrassing to have to see yourself hacking it up on the course on national television. But, hell, I’d still do it! 🙂

Who are you voting for?

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