2010 Masters Winner – Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson Wins the 2010 Masters

Finishing the round with a superb 67, bringing his tournament total to 272 (-16), Phil Mickelson wins the 2010 Masters, adding a third green jacket to his closet. Today’s scorecard consisted of nothing but birdies and pars, quite the impressive feat.

After sinking a birdie putt on the eighteenth green at Augusta National, emotional Phil Mickelson gives his wife Amy the longest recorded hug at the 2010 Masters, and on national television, melting the hearts of all the wives forced to watch the 2010 Masters with their husbands.  Amy, who’s been undergoing treatment for breast cancer arrived with the children earlier in the week and made her first public appearance since the tournament began.

I’ve been on the Phil Mickelson train since the tournament began, primarily because I wanted a new free Callaway Driver (:)) via the 2010 Masters Win With Phil contest. Aside from that, he’s a fellow lefty golfer (although a billion times better than me) and these last two days he’s really made some magic happen!

I won’t go into a play by play of the days round, but how about #2 when that tree leaf, seed, or whatever it was landed right in Phil’s putting line when he was in the middle of his backstroke? The ball bounced over it and missed by about 1/2 an inch.. I thought the golf gods might’ve had it in for him then and there, but no, I guess they were only testing his resolve.

Anthony Kim made quite the Tiger surge today, starting the day off with -5 and finishing third with 12 under, that was pretty awesome to watch. It was a bit heartbreaking to watch the Freddie Couples meltdown today, his putting killed him..

How about that Tiger Woods? To be completely honest, I really didn’t want him to win the 2010 Masters, there were too many more deserving players in the field. Having said that, however, watching him play today was exciting and I felt myself getting sucked into the Tiger corner. He had quite the roller coaster round and I kept saying to myself, “man, only Tiger could come back after a shot like that… ” Watching him play made me forget about all the other crap that’s surrounding him, so I think the best way to get past all this garbage is for him to play and play lots.

I thought his final interview was totally lame however, the dude finishes fourth after taking a five month sabbatical from the sport and having a whole slew of other distractions and he has the gall to piss and moan about finishing fourth. He says he’s going to take some additional time off the sport to work on some things…. I got this distinct spoiled brat  “since I didn’t win, I’m taking my toys and going home” impression from the interview and it erased all the Tiger feel goods from the book… just me though.. I’m interested to know your thoughts on the tournament..

But I digress..

Congratz Phil Mickelson on your 2010 Masters Victory! It’s well deserved!!

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  1. mootrail

    Sweet!. Congratulations Phil and the whole Philly Family. Of course my brothers and I are all big fans being from San Diego and we all won new FT-IZ drivers. I can’t wait to rip one. Great Masters Dude!

  2. at

    Congratz on the win! I’ll be receiving a new Callaway Diablo within the next 12-16 weeks! 🙂 Yeah, it was a great Masters!

  3. Mike

    Congrats to all who won drivers. If there really are thousands who bought and signed up, this is quite the deal for Calloway! I truly couldn’t feel better for Phil Mickelson or think of someone more deserving of a win. Excellent play.

    Regarding Tiger, Up until know I could care less about his personal life, I liked him as an athlete.

    That vanished this weekend. Hearing Tiger yell at himself very loudly and religiously swear (GD and JC) (not even his own religion)

    I think regardless of your religious background, it’s just unseemly and insensative to do that. I just can’t see anything right with that. Retrain your mind Tiger.

    Nike should requestion their endorsement every time he does this. I am starting to understand the Tiger backlash is very well deserved. Glad he hit a tree square on. He’s just not the professional golfer he used to be. 5 months off?

    When confronted (euphamistically) with “Working on taming down the emotions”, Tiger retorted “I think people are making way too much of a big deal of this thing. I was not feeling good. I hit a big snipe off the first hole and I don’t know how people can think I should be happy about that. I hit a wedge from 45 yards and basically bladed it over the green. These are not things I normally do. So I’m not going to be smiling and not going to be happy.”

    Tiger, they were calling it what it was. You don’t have to be smiles, sunshine lollipops and rainbows, but keep the swearing and acting like a spoiled unparented brat ready to throw his clubs and walk off the course to yourself. That’s what everyone else on the course did.

    You want to never get invited into a foursome again … act like Tiger Woods on Sunday.

    I guess I’d rather watch Anthony Kim.

  4. at

    Thanks for the comment, I wholeheartedly agree with your Tiger sentiment. Regarding the whole emotion thing, the first I heard of it was during the press conference where he said he would be controlling both the positive and negative emotions. Having said that and then complain about everyone making a big deal out of it boggles the mind. He started the whole thing and when he failed to control the emotions, he says everyone is making too big of a deal of it. The only person I saw making a stink over it was Tiger himself. I didn’t hear the announcers pointing it out or any other news sources making mention of it. Ah well.. Phil played awesome and deserved to win.

  5. Mike

    Dave, I’ve just discovered your Blog, and I really like it. Congrats on a very readable blog.

    I wonder if Nike’s publicists and whoever else is helping Tiger (his specialty/recovery publicists, etc) were the ones calling him up and saying “Tiger. We heard it. This is not what you need to do.”

    As you say, the sports media and fans were very generous to him. Announcers too. I’d say mostly Golf Channel and CBS Sports tossed him slow pitch all weekend (to mix metaphors).

    Any grave he is digging, he is digging with his own shovel and attitude.

    I haven’t watched Tiger and Steve that closely, but he sure didn’t seem to be getting any additional “help” from Steve Williams this round. Definitely not reading putts. He seemed to be a “bag holder” and not much more?

    I honestly expect to see Steve and Tiger parting ways in the next couple months if not sooner.

  6. at

    Hey Mike, thanks reading and I’m glad you like the blog.

    I agree with you regarding Steve, he didn’t seem to be doing too much to help Tiger, I figured Steve knew he was in a “mood” and thought the best thing to do was to only offer solicited advice. I can also imagine there’s probably a bit of tension between the two regarding the Tiger saga and comments that were made.

    I imagine that if indeed Steve wasn’t privy to all of Tigers misdeeds, all the accusations directed at Steve would drive a wedge between the two.

    Still they’ve got a lot of history and it would be a shame if they ended up parting ways because of it.

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