Bionic Golf Glove Performance Series Review

Bionic Golf Glove Performance Series Review

The new Bionic Golf Glove Performance Series glove is taking golf-glove design to a new level and I was fortunate to get my hand in one (ha!) for a review.

First introduced at the 2010 PGA Merchandise Show, the Bionic Performance is the most feature-rich glove ever made while conforming to the USGA rules.

This glove made it on the 2010 Golf Digest Hotlist and has some sophisticated technology in it’s make up. It features triple-row finger-grip system, elongated surround flexion zones and mid-axis longitudinal seam placements.

The the triple-row finger grip is a system in which each finger has three multi-layered zones on the palm side made of Terrycloth and leather. These raised areas serve two purposes. First, they absorb moisture, so they’re like having 15 mini-towels constantly soaking up sweat.  Secondly, they help the glove conform to the natural shape of the hand for a more comfortable and relaxed grip, which is beneficial for all golfers.

Elongated surround flexion zones are zones where the natural creases occur in the finger and palm. In the Bionic Golf Glove Performance Series the leather in the flexion zone is removed and replaced with Lycra which stretches, retracts and breathes.

The flexion zone wraps 180 degrees around the finger to minimize bunching of leather, which occurs when the hand is flexed inward to

hold a golf club. This benefits the golfer with enhanced comfort and feel, greater flexibility and a cool-dry hand. All these promote a lighter grip, which is one of the keys to great round of golf.

The mid-axis longitudinal seam placement is another feature never before seen on a golf glove. By strategically using Lycra on the sides of the fingers, the normal stitching or seam that runs up the finger is eliminated.  That seam creates resistance when closing the hand, according to Dr. Kleinert, who points out that eliminating the seam and replacing it with a flexible material helps fight fatigue by requiring less energy to close the hand. Playing 18 holes of golf causes the hands experience more fatigue than most golfers realize.  Lycra is also used strategically throughout the glove to create ventilation which helps keep your hand cool and comfortable.

Three years of design and testing went into the Bionic Golf Performance glove to make it ready for the public. “This glove is a mirror image of the natural three-dimensional shape of the hand,” says Jim Kleinert, M.D., an orthopedic hand surgeon who heads R&D for Bionic. Dr. Kleinert points out that each Bionic Golf Performance glove has 44 unique anatomical features.

So far I’ve logged four rounds of golf with the Bionic Golf Performance Glove and in my opinion, this is the best golf glove I’ve ever used. It’s well constructed, feels amazing and there’s no breaking in required. After four rounds, aside from a little dirt, the glove is just as sturdy as the day it came out of the package, there’s no sign of wear and tear in the finger tips or on the heel of the hand.

One of the features I like the best is the no seams. One of the annoying traits I found in many golf gloves is that the seams always dig into t

he sides of my fingers, sometimes causing blisters to form. The Lycra they used to replace the seams is a godsend.

It’s a very comfortable glove, it’s almost like holding hands with a beautiful woman with soft hands, who is totally accepting of your golf game and supports your decision to play every weekend. 🙂

The way it’s designed you have little choice but to take a looser grip, which if all the golf trainers are correct, can improve your game.

The Bionic Golf Glove Performance series is pretty cool looking, it might be a bit much for some people, but I like the style and design.

I’ve been trying to find something negative to say about it, but as of yet, I’ve come up with nothing. It is a stellar golf glove that feels great, is durable, has some pretty nice features and looks good. If you’re in a market for a new golf glove, consider the Bionic Golf Performance Series Glove, I’m pretty certain you won’t regret it.

The Performance Series gloves will be available in the spring of 2010 with a retail price of $29.95. The price seems a bit steep for a golf glove, but if it outlasts other golf gloves, than it’ll be a worth while investment. I’ll keep you posted on how many rounds this one lasts me.

They also put out some pretty awesome instructional golf videos.

What’s your “gamer” golf glove?

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