Regripping Golf Clubs – 4 Minute Video

Our good friend John Duval from over at created a 4 minute video on Regripping Golf Clubs.

Check it out.

Regripping Golf Clubs

How often you should regrip your golf clubs depends on how often you play and the type of grips you use. Golf Pride recommends once a year or every 40 rounds.  The price for per club is $7 for labor plus the grip, so if you do all your clubs every year, you’re looking at around $100 bucks per year.

That’s a couple rounds of golf, a new club, a new bag, some new digs, golf balls, etc..

I’m not a very big DIY guy, but John makes it look easy enough, that I think even I could do it without screwing it up. Of Course, if you watch any master of a particular craft, they ALWAYS make it look easy. I was obsessed with those wood carving shows for a while, the guys would build an entire entertainment center in an hour and NEVER make a mistake and I have trouble putting together a book case using the instructions without screwing up!

If you don’t have any of the supplies for regripping golf clubs, Golfsmith will sell the entire kit (minus the vice) for $39.99.

GOLFSMITH Regripping Supply Kit GOLFSMITH Regripping Supply Kit

Golfsmith Regripping Supply Kit : The Golfsmith Regripping Supply Kit has all of the essential tools and supplies you need to regrip your clubs. Kit Includes: Golfsmith All In One Gauge (#8989) Golfsmith Grip Solvent 1 Quart (#916A) Golfsmith 2 Grip Tape (#902B) Golfsmith Utility Knife (#853) Golfsmith Grip Installer Tool (#1819) Golfsmith Manual Grip Tape Remover (#8228)

I can’t confirm this, but one of the reviews on the website said the kit also comes with a vice clamp, which isn’t listed in the description.

Do you regrip your own clubs? If so, what other tips or pointers do you have?

What other “do it yourself” golf activities do you engage in?

  4 comments for “Regripping Golf Clubs – 4 Minute Video

  1. at

    I appreciate you calling me a master! But really, there isn’t anything really hard about regripping clubs. Like any DIY project, it just takes a little time and practice. By the time you’ve installed your 5th grip you should have it pretty well mastered.

    I’ve never used the Golfsmith Grip Installer Tool (#1819), but that kit looks to be all you would need, unless the kit does not include the vise clamp. BTW, the Golfsmith Manual Grip Tape Remover (#8228) is a fantastic tool and really helps get the old tape off. I didn’t show that part in my video because I was building up the grip, and it would have changed the title to “How To Regrip A Golf Club In 10 Minutes” 🙂

  2. bruce

    Man it got a kit and its been very hard. Getting the right grip ( butt size ) to match up with my Taylormade Irons ( burner ), the the Cobra ZL driver, and utilities, and my Cleveland wedges CG15….Is driving me crazy. How do you know what to buy for all these different clubs and butt sizes…..HELP…thanks

  3. at

    Some clubs will have slightly larger butt diameters than others, but if you buy grips with a .600 diameter, they should fit most clubs easily. Keep in mind, the grip may have to stretch a bit to fit over the handle and tape, and will expand to fit properly. If you are having trouble getting the grips to slide on over the tape, you are probably not using enough solvent. Get the inside of the grip surface fully coated, and soak that tape! Solvent is cheap and can be reused, so don’t be shy!

  4. at

    I regrip my clubs on a regular basis and this video shows how simple this really is. I am considering regripping with soft oversized grips, have you tried these? Do you have to do anything different to regrip your clubs with soft grips?

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