2010 PGA Merchandise Show – FIT for Golf part II

Last week I highlighted a cool golf fitness product called FIT for Golf that I encountered during my time at the 2010 PGA Merchandise Show.

As a quick refresher, FIT stands for “Fitness Illustrated Training.” On each of the six pound medicine balls, there are eight illustrated exercises that are designed to work the golf specific muscles and help golfers overcome the eight most common swing flaws.

I was given one of the FIT for Golf medicine balls at the show to try out and review. I decided to embark on a 30 day program, where I work the ball every day (well… I might’ve missed a day or two, here and there.. 🙂 ) for 30 days and gauge to see what noticeable improvement I see in my golf game.

I’ve been working with the ball for almost two weeks now and I’ve yet to complete eight exercises without breaking a considerable sweat. One thing that bugged me about the FIT for Golf kit is that it didn’t come with any workout routines.

For me, when working out, I like to know exactly how may repetitions  and sets I need to do to complete the workout and once I fulfill those, I get a great sense of accomplishment. Not being a golf fitness expert (yet :)), I needed some guidance on creating a workout that was robust enough that I benefited from the routines without being so intense that I hurt myself while training. I emailed the FIT for Golf asking about this and within a couple hours he sent me routine. For those of you who rushed out a picked up one of these golf fitness training aids after my highly esteemed recommendation, if you wish, you can follow the exercise routine below.

For beginners, start out with ten repetitions per exercise doing only one set. On exercises that work both left and right sides separately, it’s ten reps per side.

After you get comfortable with that routine, increase the reps to 20 per exercise and after that increase the sets, first two sets of 20 than three sets, etc…

They’re also developing a routine for ladies and juniors as well as some instructional videos that will be available on the website, so stay tuned!

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