2010 PGA Merchandise Show – Cleatskins Golf

Quite possibly the one of the most practical accessories I saw at the 2010 PGA Merchandise Show.

CleatSkins Golf – The only way to travel to the golf course. Well, maybe not the ONLY way, but certainly more convenient than bringing two pair of shoes and changing in and out of them.

It’s a relatively simple concept, Cleatskins (GolfSkins) features a flexible SKINTEK molded rubber shell constructed that cups the bottom of golf shoes extending the life of cleats and improving mobility and safety so golfers can move to and from the course with ease.

CleatSkins prevent wear and tear, extending the life of your cleats; improves safety on concrete and asphalt surfaces, and acts as a sealed barrier to keep dirt and grass out of the home, car and clubhouse.

I’m one of those guys who hates to wear my golf shoes anywhere but on the course or range, so every time I go play golf, I’ve gotta put on my tennis shoes, drive to the course, get out of the car, go to my trunk, take the shoes out of the bag, do the golfer shuffle while trying to balance on one leg so I can slip the shoe on before I lose my balance and step on the asphalt with my socks on (thus getting pebbles in my shoes) and then do the same thing on the other leg. After the round, the process is repeated.

The Cleatskins have simplified the whole process, now it’s put golf shoes on, drive to the golf course, at the range, remove golfskins. Reverse process on the way out. 🙂

Cleatskins Golf for men come in a variety of sophisticated colors including black, white, taupe, dark brown and medium brown in sizes medium (6.5-8.5), large (9-11), XL (11.5-13.5) and XXL (14-16).

Cleatskins Golf for women come in black, white, taupe, red and blue violet in sizes small (5-7), medium (7.5-9.5) and large (10-12).

They’re machine washable for easy maintenance.

The suggested retail price for Cleatskins Golf is $24.95.

For the 19th hole and beyond

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  1. Rick Kay

    For the remainder of the holiday season, Golfskins are now available on our web store for under $20, a 20% discount off the normal $24.95 retail price. Enter the coupon code “golf” for the discount. Visit us at our Facebook page for all the news on Cleatskins. Rick

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