CKJR ’10 Who’s going to win?

What began as a friendly round of golf between two twitter rivals, has blown up into the twitter event of the CENTURY (echoing voice). Coming soon to a tweet near you,

CKJR ’10 Golf Tournament

features two highly skilled combatants!

In the Red Corner, weighing at a slimming ### pounds of pure talent, skill and tenacity, @TheChristinaKim!!

In the Blue Corner weight in at a heafty 299 lbs of pure golf awesomeness!! @JohnRaser

The event is going down at an undisclosed time at an undisclosed location with the winner gaining bragging rights and having the loser caddy for them during one of their upcoming golf tournaments!

Vote on who you think will win!! Poll will close Sunday, February 7th, 2010 at 10:00am!

[poll id=”2″]

Those who vote for the winner will have Ice Cream Sundays purchased for them by the tournaments loser…. 🙂

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  5 comments for “CKJR ’10 Who’s going to win?

  1. ducks24

    I’m a chicken. I like the racer-man since I met him on Twitter, and I’m a card carrying male. On the other hand, I’ve grown fond of the lovely CK over a fair amount of time. And besides, if I voted against her , she would hit me over the head with her soon to be NY Times best-selling book (available in April by the way.)

    I cower at the sight of a flu shot. Yea -I’m a coward. Once the testeosterone wears down, the love bug will re-infect these two. The wedding registry is at Jack’s Joke Shop in Attleboro, MA.

  2. at

    Hahaha, yeah I know what you mean! I want SpeedRacer to win, I love pulling for the underdog, but I shant make that declaration public for fear of incurring Superwoman’s wrath!… er… dang!

  3. at

    I vote for CK. Fellow female and all round cool chick.

    But I also like John.

    But I still vote for Christina.

  4. at

    I just like the thought of seeing SpeedRacer on the bag.

    Christina got my vote.

  5. at

    Well, John is a buddy of mine and I love him…but she kinda looks like she could kick his ass!

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