2010 PGA Merchandise Show – Day Two

Day two of the 2010 PGA Merchandise Show was just as action packed as Day One. As I sit here reflecting on my two days at the show, it blows my mind how fast the time went and how many companies and people I didn’t have time to see.

I spent a solid 16 hours at the show and I can name at least ten companies off the top of my head that I had on the “to visit” list and never made it.

Ah well… no use crying over a spilled Arnold Palmer… 🙂 Same deal as before, I’m going to be writing up some in depth posts over the next two weeks about the products I covered, but here’s a quick rundown of what’s on tap.

FIT For Golf – Fitness Illustrated Training

I picked up a product for the Golf Fitness Series, it’s the FIT for Golf medicine ball.

STX ProFit 5 Putter

While still drooling over my awesome 2010 BB1 Bettinardi Putter, I stumbled upon the STX (pronounced S T X not sticks 🙂 ) ProFit Puttter with an interchangeable face plate.

Met DURHAMED Futures Tour Pro Lindsey Bergeon at the LPGA Booth

Had the very cool opportunity to meet an up and coming player who’s going to be playing in the Future Star Foundation Pro-Am on February 20th.

Odyssey Backstryke Marxman

New for 2010, I spend a good bit of time knocking around the new Odyssey Backstryke.

Met LPGA Pro Paula Creamer

… Awesome, need I say more? 🙂 She was over at the Sundog booth, I’m sure they have great sunglasses… but I wouldn’t know..

Sumi-G Headcovers, Belt Buckles & More…

Spent some time with Tony K aka MediaGuru from HOG and The Golf Space and he gave me a good rundown of the Sumi-G Product Line. Pretty Awesome..

Flair Hair

If they were selling these at the show, I’d have a whole new line of headwear! 🙂 There’s something totally awesome about donning a Flair Hair helm..

Met PGA Pro Brian Gay at the Bettinardi Booth

Brian Gay signed a sponsorship deal with Bettinardi and was at the booth signing autographs. I almost had an interview for all you awesome readers.. but he was gone by the time I came back to the booth.

FINALLY met LPGA Pro, twitterholic and Lidgurt aficionado Christina Kim

Call me crazy, but I was more exited about meeting CK than I was meeting Paula. Yeah, it was totally cool..

Also on tap, but yet to be photographed;

  • Winn Lite Grips
  • Cleatskins Golf
  • Spotless Swing Golf Towel
  • Cleveland Classic & Classic BRZ Putters
  • Srixon Z-Star X Tour Yellow Golf Ball

I’m pretty certain there’s some I’ve missed, but as you can see.. I’ve got my work cut out for me over the next few weeks!

I wish there was a PGA Merchandise show every week…


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