Golf Fitness – The Plan

Happy Belated New Year!

It’s that time of year again, the time for a declaration of those life changing activities that we all pledge to achieve and that most of us rarely stick to :). This year, I’ve decided to commit (once again) to getting back in the gym, drop a couple of lbs and a couple of points off ye ‘ol handi.

This year, however, I feel like I’ve got a much better chance of sticking with it, because I’m adding a large and demanding accountability piece. No, it’s not the wife (although, I bet she would be sufficient.. ), it’s you, my awesome readership and community. Don’t worry, I’m not going to require anything more from you, just keep reading and leaving comments, I’m making this resolution in a public forum so that all your 10,000 pairs of eyes will keep me honest. 🙂

The plan is pretty simple, I’m going to implement a golf specific workout routine and track my progress and performance via the worlds greatest golf blog. I’ve been in the gym the past couple days getting some ideas and trying somethings out and I’ve almost completed what I think will be a pretty specific, yet well rounded routine. It’s going to be implemented in a couple phases, designed to first build endurance than transition into strength and then into power.

From what I’ve learned, muscular endurance is an important piece to develop because it aids in the consistency of your golf swing. Once that is in place, you work to maintain that piece and incorporate power training, which is what you need to increase the club head speed which increases the distances of your golf shots.

I’ve partnered with Katherine Roberts, who is an amazing and well known golf fitness guru and she’s agreed to lend her expertise to my almost hopeless crusade. She’s experienced in all aspects of golf fitness, from flexibility and yoga, to stretching and strength training. I’m very excited to be able to learn from her.

Once the workout routine is finalized, I’ll post it up here.

Currently, I’m weighing in at a hefty 188 lbs with a body fat % of 16.4 and a BMI of 24.5 and I’m shooting for 170 lbs by May 2010 with a body fat % of 15.0 and the BMI, eh who cares, I don’t even know what that stat is used for.

Regarding the Handi, eh well, it shames me to admit it, but I’m presently a 23 handicapper (although John from calls me a sandbagger.. 🙂 ) and I’m shooting, once again, for a 15 by the end of the year.

I’m also anticipating on average an increase of 15 yards on all my clubs. This might be a little aggressive, but hey, what’s the point of a goal if it’s easy to accomplish?

Along the same lines, one of my twitter friends and fellow blogger Lisa Arnott (aka kokogirl) has started the Twitter Trim Up Challenge for those of us tweeps looking to set some fitness goal for 2010, if you’d like to participate, I’m sure she’d be more than happy to help! 🙂

So I’ve made my declaration, here’s hoping I achieve it! What about you, what are your golf specific resolutions for 2010?


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    Hey Dave! You’re planning to track your progress and performance via Howls? 8=)

    Anyway, these are noble goals and I hope that you make some good progress. You might want to put a widget in the sidebar that keeps us up to date with your goals and progress — keep us thinking about it too!

    I don’t have any specific golf goals for this year (other than playing more), but I am focusing on things that will lower my BP. Lower weight is part of that and it will all help me to be better on the course (more stamina).

    I’ve been working with another online fitness/lifestyle challenge over at PrimalStride ( which will have weekly 2 part challenges — 1 fitness, 1 lifestyle. It’s run by Seth Simonds who is currently working at losing over 100 lbs. The current challenge is 5 at 5 with an early rise (5 am) and distance exercise (5km). You can modify the conditions to meet your circumstances so I’m doing 2 at 7 (the 2km is snowshoeing which feels more like 5km 8=).

    Happy New Year and keep up the great work! Talk to you soon.

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    That’s a really great idea bout the widget! Thanks Bill, gonna have to look into getting that done! Gonna check out that, sounds like a man after my own heart. I like the idea of challenging your readership, might have to try and apply some of that to my own initiatives. Good look with the workouts Bill, glad to hear you’re making the effort!

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    You are motivated, you have a plan, you have told everyone so you know you have to be accountable, and you have enlisted help. I see success for you!!

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    I’m trying to get in better golf shape too! Post some of your routines when you get them down. I am assuming that flexibility will be a big part of it.

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    We’ll get you down to a 15 by the end of the year, just need to work on your short game!

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    haha, you must really enjoy lost causes! 🙂

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    Yes, I would agree on that. In fact, not just for golf but any kind of sport that techniques and fitness must consistently maintained. Thanks of good story.

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