Rick Reilly Is Wrong (via intothegrain.com)

Fellow Golf Blogger and badass golfer John Duval wrote really good post entitled “Rick Reilly is Wrong.”

Rick Reilly made an appearance on ESPN and had some advice for Tiger Woods on how to repair his image.

He said that to fix his image, Tiger Woods would need to fire most of his entourage, skip the Masters and US Open in 2010, stop throwing clubs and swearing, fix his marriage and become more transparent to the media.

See John’s thoughts on the issue.

Rick Reilly Is Wrong About Tiger Woods

Regarding the Tiger Woods issue, scandal, defamation that’s going on right now, I’m truly sick of hearing about it and want nothing more to do with it. Yes, I know it’s a great source of traffic and it’s hot news right now, but I get nauseous thinking about it.

Our most popular news and media sites have taken Tiger Woods and wiped their asses with him. It’s gone from an alleged affair and single car accident to a troubled man who is a sex addict, drug user, voyeur, DUI, womanizer, horrible piece of crap who isn’t worth the air he breathes.

I am honestly disgusted at what great lengths they’ve gone and the money they’ve paid to get every single scrap of dirt they can on Tiger Woods.

It’s yet another sad example of how far we’ve fallen as a society when the nation’s top news has gone from something relevant and important like health care and the economy to how many times Tiger Woods cheated on his wife.

When did society become so screwed up that we froth at the mouth and take great joy from seeing celebrities torn apart by news rags and their dirty little secrets?

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