Golf Humor – Are You A Golf Nut?

Take the follow survey, if the majority of your answers are yes, than you sir/madam are a golf nut!

1. Your idea of a good time is staying home and watching the British Open
on a Saturday night.

2. You curse the game only to play it the next day.

3. You haven’t puked from seeing the same faces regularly for four and half

4. You see your drive ahead of everyone else and talk about it for a week.

5. You secretly wish evil on your flightmates.

6. A golf store has a magnetic effect on your walk.

7. You cringe when your better half asks you if you have anything to do on

8. Your golf attire becomes your everyday wear.

9. Your toilet seat gets covered with a stack of golf books and magazines.

10. You make small practice swings inside the church while hearing mass.

11. You get burned by the sun and you’re proud of it.

12. You can open a video store with the number of golf tapes you own.

13. Ten inches of rain has no effect on your decision to play.

14. When your caddy says he sees lightning, your reply is “what lightning?”

15. You go to the practice range and try to give golf tips to the person on
the next stall.

16. Your bumper sticker reads: MY OTHER CAR IS A GOLF CART.

17. People in your family get their supply of suntan lotion from you when
they go swimming.

18. A day at the beach means you hit too many sand traps.

19. Your spouse complains because you try to bring your clubs to bed, (to keep
them warm, dry, and safe, of course) demanding that you choose between them
and the clubs….And you hesitate before answering.

20. You took the time to read this.

  4 comments for “Golf Humor – Are You A Golf Nut?

  1. at

    RE: Staying up late to watch the British Open … wouldn’t that require getting up really early, instead.

  2. Mr. C

    So true….so very true. #9 is so true for me.

    Mr. C

  3. at

    #7 hit a little to close to home 🙂

  4. at

    How about adding:

    You spend all summer saving up for a 7 day trip to Orlando to play 36 holes a day instead of visiting Disney.

    I do this every year with my buddy, and are favorites are Winter Park, Dubsdread, Green Valley and Lake Buena Vista @ Disney (ironically enough)

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