2010 L.O.F.T Golf Polo

L.O.F.T Golf ShirtLast week I came home from work, exhausted from the days toils, to find a package on the counter with my name on it. Eagerly, I tore into the package to find a new sexy color Orange golf shirt, courtesy of L.O.F.T Golf!

Haven’t heard of L.O.F.T golf? Well, they’re relatively new on the scene and their goods are designed to serve the average golfer. The company was formed back in 2001 over a grueling game of golf between John and Bob.

John was having an exceptionally bad round of golf and sought the counsel of the more seasoned golfer, Bob, who’s only response was “loft…”

I won’t spoil the rest of the story, but it’s pretty entertaining. Take a look -> L.O.F.T Golf

The website has a good bit of content to explore, they’ve the LOFT Blog, forum, Q & A with Stickmon, Golf Gear and my fav “Cart Girl Of The Month, which, regrettably isn’t updated as much as it should be! 🙂

Back to the shirt..  It’s the not yet released 2010 L.O.F.T Golf Polo (yeah, I’m just THAT good :)). These new shirts are made of 100% moisture wick polyester and are just what the doctor ordered for the Florida heat.

Why orange you ask? Well, I’m a Leo, it’s my power color! Tiger’s mom told him that because he was a Capricorn, his power color was red and so far, it’s worked pretty well for him. I’m just trying to get some of that mojo for myself and the round where the above picture was taken was the best round of my life, so far.. “It’s gotta be the shirt!

Overall, the shirt is comfortable, light and good quality. It’s suffered through a couple of washes and still looks like new. The one thing I didn’t like was the length of the sleeves. The shirt fits really well in the chest and midsection (even for my expanding girth..) which was always a hard thing for me to find, but the sleeves are a bit too long and come down to my elbows when I’m standing upright. It hasn’t hindered my swing or anything,  just a minor annoyance.

Although you can’t pick up the 2010 shirts yet, they’re doing a blowout 50% off sale on all of the 2009 gear, so if you’re looking for some cheap golf apparel, now’s a good time to buy.

Here’s a link -> LOFT Gear

If you own or plan on purchasing anything, let me know, I’d like to know your thoughts.


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