Golf Course Review – Grand Cypress New Course

Last weekend I had the pleasure (yet again) of playing golf with fellow golf blogger and scratch golfer John Duval over at

We played the Grand Cypress New Course, which was in great shape and a lot of fun! There’s 175 bunkers and I managed to avoid them all, of course, there’s only two holes where water comes into play and I managed to find that once.. 🙁

I’m still working on the review of the course, but John who seems  to have a lot more time on his hands, finished his today. Take a look

Course Review – Grand Cypress Resort’s New Course

Also out at Grand Cypress you’ll find the TaylorMade Performance Lab where I had a customer club fitting earlier this year and subsequently purchased the 2009 TaylorMade Burner Irons.

If you’re interested in reading the review of the performance lab, see below.

TaylorMade Performance Lab at Grand Cypress <- the 50% discount is still valid, so if you haven’t made it out there, definitely need to!

Also, whilst I was out there, I had the opportunity to play with the new TaylorMade Penta golf ball and I’ll be posting the review of that up soon.

As a teaser, though, let me say, probably going to be the new “best” ball on the market.

Have an awesome weekend!!


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  1. at

    It’s a tough job… playing golf courses and reviewing them… but somebody has to do it. Grand Cypress sounds like a great facility in many ways.

  2. at

    Something for everyone, I’d say!

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