The Mental Game of Golf – Pre-Shot Routine

My friend and fellow local golf blogger John Duval who writes has launched into a series of blog posts discussing the mental aspects of the game.

In the first post he mentions there are  various components to mastering the mental game and the first being the pre-shot routine.

In this first series of posts, John’s breaking down and writing about each component of the pre-shot routine and the first component is the trigger. See his post below.

Mental Golf Minute – Pre-shot Routine

I’m a firm believer in the mental golf game, I recently received a copy of Dr. Gio’s “Fearless Golf” DVD’s that i’ll be watching and discussing.

Have you ever played a round of golf with players that are much better than you and end up shooting surprisingly low scores? Conversely, if you play a round with players that are much worse than you, do you find your game suffering? This happens to me pretty frequently, just last weekend, I played with John and his friend Lindsay, they’re both scratch golfers and I shot the round of my life.

I think this is an example of the power your mind has over your game. Perhaps you shoot better because you witness those around you playing so well that your mind “assumes” you’re just as good as they are and those previous mental barriers you shackle on yourself are lifted.

Also, you could shoot exceptionally poor in the company of great golfers because you’ve added additional pressure on yourself fearing what those other will think of your game.

What do you think?

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