3 LPGA players pose semi-nude for ESPN’s Body Issue

ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue hit the news stands on October 9th, 2009.  This is the magazines competition to the SI Swimsuit issue where professional athletes from all arenas pose in artistic photos wearing nothing but their birthday suits. There’s some big names in this issue like Dwight Howard, Serena Williams, Adrian Peterson, Carl Edwards, Gina Carano and more.

A couple of LPGA players appear in this issue as well, see below (Photo courtesy of Golf Babes)

Photo by Matthias Clamer/ESPN The Magazine

Photo by Matthias Clamer/ESPN The Magazine

Starring in the spread from left to right, you’ve got Sandra Gal, Anna Grzebien and Christina Kim.

I think this picture was tastefully done.

I’ve been reading a couple news stories about whether or not this is the type of publicity that the LPGA wants and it irritates me. It seems to me that out of all the female athletes that posed for the issue, only the lady golfers are catching heat. My only response is, given the current state of the LPGA, I’d think any and all publicity would be welcomed AND appreciated.

It appears that the LPGA tour is accepting of their actions, LPGA’s chief communications officer David Higdon was quoted saying “We support them.”

Love it or hate it, “sex sells..”

I’d also like to add that CK is looking great!


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  9 comments for “3 LPGA players pose semi-nude for ESPN’s Body Issue

  1. at

    What I love about this spread is people being happy with the bodies that they have. Like CK said on Twitter, everyone has a body. Celebrating the human form is a good thing, IMO.

  2. at

    Yeah, I agree, I’m all for celebrating the human body… well.. all by mine that is.. 🙂

  3. Nina

    Is this the best that the photographer could come up with… really? you have three beautiful, “semi” nude ladies and you just plop them in a golf cart with a missing hub cap and a tree that looks like it is falling over in the background?? OK… for a statement of “sex sells”… this photo isn’t very sexy.

  4. at

    Thank god Christina Kim wasn’t one of them… Wait a sec. She doesn’t look that bad now. What happened?

  5. at

    I think it is pretty tasteful, they could have done much worse!

  6. Tushar

    Well done Girls!
    Hidden the balls and the holes well.
    Regarding clubs,no problem there.

  7. Steve

    I think CK is the hottest woman on the tour! Looks, great personality, and she could help me with my game!

  8. Surf1860

    Makes me want to watch LPGA

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