Tiger Woods is the 1st athelete to make one billion

Found this on Fox Sports.

FedEx Cup pushes Tiger past $1B mark

He started the season with $895 million, that combined with this 10.5 million in winnings, FedEx Cup bonus, endorsement money, appearance fees ($3 million) and course design business ($10 million per course) pushed him over the one billion mark.

Tiger woods is 33….

It’s projected that he will be sports first multibillionaire well before he is old enough to play on the Champions Tour.

In second place, is Michael Jordan who is scheduled to break the mark in another 4-5 years..

Sucks to be Tiger Woods, I mean, imagine what his annual tax liabilities are… hehehe.

In other news, Dave is trying to scrape up enough money to put a down payment on a house…



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