– Where will you play today?

Does it ever drive you crazy that there’s all these totally amazing golf courses in your area that are unavailable to you because you can’t (or won’t) dish out the $100k+ annual membership fee associated with the course? I know it does for me..

For those kindred spirits who feel the same gnawing ache to play these private courses, I give you - Where will you play today?

This website is such an awesome concept that I was surprised it took someone this long to come up with it…

In a nutshell, is the of private golf courses. To dumb it down even more (for those of you who may not know what golfnow is..), is a website where you can book tee times to private golf courses within your area!

How cool is that?

For those fellow Orlandoians, that means a potential opportunity to play courses like Lake Nona Golf & Country Club, Isleworth Country Club (helloooo Tiger Woods), and not to mention a little course known as Bay Hill..

All these completely awesome golf courses are no longer going to be out of reach for those of us “common” golfers. 🙂

The structure of the website is pretty cool, along with playing private golf courses, you get to be a part of a golf community where you can interact with other, like minded golfers. I had an hour long conversation with McRedmond Morelli (yes, that’s his REAL name) discussing all the features and possibilites of and I was thoroughly impressed with some of the ideas he has. I’m sure I’m going to forget to mention a few of them but I’ll do my best to recall all the features we discussed.

Once you sign up, you create a profile, upload your picture and answer some general interest questions about yourself. Once that’s complete, other golfers can view that info and evaluate you as a potential playing partner. So, for example, if you’re both Orlando Magic fans, who like smoking cigars and betting you’re more likely to hit it off than someone who is allergic to smoke, hates the magic and is recovering from a gambling addiction. 🙂 When you find someone who could be an awesome playing partner, you can schedule a round together.

Once the round is done, you can leave feedback on the person you played with so that other members will know if so and so is a stand up guy, or the opposite. I think this is a pretty cool feature, because no one wants to be stuck on a golf course with a guy who is constantly grating the nerves…

Depending on the course, you as a member of can book and host a round for players who are not currently members. I think this has the potential to be a great business tool. How impressive would it be to a perspective client if you could get them on to some swanky high dollar establishment?

Also, if you’re a member of a country club, you can post up invitations to other folks in the area who you might be interested in meeting or getting them out to the course.

As a member, you’ll also be able to request tee times to play particular courses that aren’t presently offering any tee times in a given time slot.

I’m sure theres some other features I’ve missed, but this is the gist of what the website presently does.

There’s an annual membership fee of $49 bucks, but man, compaired to what you get, that’s a drop in the bucket.

Let me know if you sign up, i’ve got a profile up there and I’m member # 11521

Check it out!


Oh, if you’re a private golf course who’d like to get involved with boxgroove, shoot me an email or give me a call and I can forward all the contact info on to you.

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  1. Wrong Info

    I think that this idea could be a good one, but do NOT get ahead of yourself. You are NOT going to play Isleworth or Bay Hill with this deal. In fact after looking at their website it seems that they have less than 50 courses in the entire US. Not that great of a deal so far. It seems that this same exact article is popping up on every blog or golf site so the owner is defintely making their rounds on the marketing front. I wish them luck, but I believe they should have courses in atleast every state, or even half the states in the US before going through all of this marketing.

  2. at

    Thanks for the comment. You are correct, those courses I mentioned aren’t yet utilizing the service, that’s why I mentioned that it was a potential possibility, sorry for the confusion.

    They’re a start up with a good idea and a small user base, something like 500 members and I was doing my part to help spread the word.

    I think the fact that it’s been showing up on many of the golf blogs & websites is because it is a solid idea with great potential. I can’t speak for the other sites, but I’m not getting paid to mention them, I’m doing it because I want to help them succeed because if they do, than that means I’ll have the opportunity to play courses that were previously unavailable to me.

  3. Golf Addict

    Wrong Info – they are a start up! 51 courses in 10 states is pretty impressive. They will be in 30+ states by middle of next year. With there business model they grow very fast and now all avid golfers have better access. Why fault some company for doing good marketing with a good product? All good products start small and they grow. Instead of complaining, why don’t you join their site and take a look at the product and play some courses you have never played before.

  4. Wrong Info

    I think both of your comments are in some ways correct. Dave I commend you on your blog, however you mention not being paid to put up this service, however I am guessing that you did not pay for the membership. That in some ways is payment. I am not disagreeing with either one of you. However while the potential may be there, having 51 courses is barely a course a state right now and charging people money with the promise of what could come is a dangerous business proposition.

    Again, it is a good idea in theory that has been done in many ways in local markets for years. However if you believe that Isleworth or something else like that is signing up for a company like this, than you are believing too much hype.

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