Fake Golf Clubs Scam on eBay Cost Customers Millions

Holy Crap!

A global network of criminals duped eBay customers into buying millions of pounds worth of fake golf clubs in the largest fraud uncovered by the online auction site.

The golf clubs, as well as clothing, accessories and passes for an airline lounge, were sold “on a scale that, it is believed, has never been seen before”, Snaresbrook Crown Court was told yesterday.

These guys were in business from mid-2003 to early-2008 and made millions from selling counterfeit golf clubs, clothing and accessories.

Adam Davis, for the prosecution, said: “Nearly every major golf brand has been affected by the sale of counterfeit goods through the eBay accounts. It is the belief of the fraud investigation unit at eBay that this case represents the single largest counterfeiting conspiracy yet uncovered on their website.”

Here’s the article:

Fake golf club scam ‘cost eBay customer millions

Really makes you think twice about purchasing clubs on eBay, no?

These guys were in business for almost five years and sold millions of pounds of goods. Wonder what their feedback rating was? I’m thinking it had to be pretty high in order to convince customers to purchase from them..

This is pretty shocking that they could dupe some many people with these counterfeit items, they had to be pretty good forgery’s in order to last that long. I’m guessing they must have hit pretty good too, or at least, well enough that no one was the wiser..

Crazy stuff….

Your thoughts?

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    I’ve bid on a couple of clubs on eBay over the years but never had the winning bid, so never had the chance to be scammed. I know some guys who have purchased clubs that way… will have to check to see if they got what they were paying for 🙂 Looks like it might have been mostly an England-based scam.

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