One man’s mad pursuit of golf’s holy grail

Rick Reilly from ESPN Magazine, gets fed up of hearing all the different stories of random “undeserving” people getting a hole in one. The straw that broke the camel’s back was a story about 62-year-old Unni Haskell of St. Petersburg, Fla. She made an ace a few months ago on the first swing she ever took on a course.

He has been playing golf since he was 13 (now 51) and never made an ace. He decided enough was enough and he wasn’t going to stop playing until he received his!

Here’s the article.

693 reason’s why it’s tough to get an ace

How many of you have made an ace and how long did it take you to get it?

I’ve yet to earn mine….

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  4 comments for “One man’s mad pursuit of golf’s holy grail

  1. Glenn

    Still don’t have one, come VERY close (within 4 inches) on 3 separate occasions, including a par 4.

  2. at

    I’ve never been closer than a couple of feet. A good friend of mine got one last year on a 200 yard par3. He did it with a 7-wood though, so I keep telling him it doesn’t count. Seriously, what man under the age of 60 carries a 7-wood?

  3. at

    Haha, well, if I had any degree of certainty that a 7-wood would bag me an Ace, I’d definitely carry one! 🙂 Hell, I’d even replace the driver for it, it tends to get me in trouble more often than not 🙂

  4. at

    Last year during an outing,at our course here in New Hampshire, a girl who was monitoring for holes in one on a par 3 was given a club by one of the players in the event. He told her to take a shot. You guessed it. She had never swing a club before in her life. Her shot on the 135 yard hole was a low liner… bounced in front of the green… rattled the pin… and dropped in the hole.
    Not sure if she ever took up the game after that… probably figured it was too easy 🙂

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