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I received the following press release in an email and it immediately piqued my interest. I’m a huge fan of Eco-friendly products and QUIET PLEASE is a new golf apparel company that specializes in “green” apparel made from bamboo.

See Below:

Introducing QUIET PLEASE Premium Bamboo Socks and Apparel

Shhhh… The Golf Gods are speaking…

“Take care of the golf course and the course will take care of you”…

QUIET PLEASE Premium Bamboo Socks provide golfers with the ultimate balance between performance and fashion in an Eco-Friendly manner.

Quiet Please Socks

My Dogs in some of the most comfortable socks I've ever worn, love the Shhhhh!!

Made with bamboo fibers that have incredible natural performance characteristics, QUIET PLEASE golfwear provides a soft luxurious feel that is commonly referred to as “nature’s cashmere.” The bamboo fiber wicks moisture away from the body leaving the skin cool and dry. Bamboo has natural anti-microbial so it doesn’t breed odor causing bacteria while providing great UV protection.

Bamboo is an incredibly “eco-friendly” material and grows in abundance without the use of pesticides and fertilizers. It regenerates itself in just months and is highly biodegradable. Bamboo’s ecological impact is lower than that of chemically laden cottons or petroleum based synthetics and produces 35% more oxygen than an equivalent wood forest. It may well be nature’s perfect fiber.


Designed specifically for golfers QUITE PLEASE Bamboo Socks feature mid-foot ribbing that enhances blood circulation and supports the arch, keeping the feet invigorated. Extra heel and toe cushioning provides great comfort. Since bamboo has the ability to self-regulate heat, our socks keep cold feet warm and hot feet cool. Feet that stay energized result in a swing as strong on the closing holes as the first tee. And its natural anti-bacterial properties keep lockers odor-free.


Our polo shirts are inspired by the concept of “the human body is an artistic canvas”. QUIET PLEASE has incorporated elegant multi-dimensional print graphics harmoniously placed on our polos to enhance the natural beauty of the body. It’s time golfers have a styling choice that interprets their street fashion cues.

Experience for yourself the zenful harmony of QUIET PLEASE Bamboo Socks and polos and enjoy the functionality, sensuality, and individuality they provide. QUIET PLEASE Bamboo Socks are available at leading pro shops, green grass retailers and Golf Specialty retailers.

Sounds pretty awesome right? The shirts aren’t coming out until Spring 2010 but here’s some proofs to check out. There’s also a couple pictures on the website.

As you saw in the picture above, I received a pair of these socks to try out and write about. Now, there’s not TOO much to say about a pair of socks but they are extremely comfortable and fit very well. I’m not sure if you can tell or not, but I have pretty skinny ankles and sometimes when I buy a pair of socks, they fit good in the feet but are loose around the ankles, these didn’t have that problem.

They have a very cool look, I think the Shhhh on the top of the feet give the socks a neat look. Played a couple rounds of golf in the puppies and true to the press release, no foul odors. (ahem) Uhh… that’s to say, not that my feet have an odor, especially after playing a round of golf in high humidity, 90 degree weather… 🙂 Yeah, ok, it’s kind of gross, but hey, gotta test them out, right?

After a couple of washes, they still feel brand new, unlike other socks that get hard and course after a couple of washes. Best of all, they’re from a highly renewable, chemical free resource!

If you get the chance, I recommend picking up a pair. I’m not sure where they’re sold locally, but I’ll dig around and see if I can’t find a place for ya.


  3 comments for “QUIET PLEASE Eco-Performance Golfwear

  1. at

    Interesting…I purchased a Ping bamboo shirt a year or so ago and was pretty impressed with it. The shirt designs look very intriguing. Nice find.

  2. Jeff

    Hey Hack,
    My girlfriend and I each picked up a pair of Quiet Please socks while staying at the resort at Kiawah Island. We played a round of golf and my GF might have otherwise walked off the course as the mercury fell to below 55. Thankfully, these bamboo socks kept our feet warm. She’s worn them several times since and even twice to bed 😉 She keeps reminding me, “Once you go bamboo, you can’t go back…” 😉 I now have to find a place in Canada where I might find these Quiet Please socks.

    Vancouver, Canada.

  3. kevin

    where can I get the shhhhh socks?



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