TGIF & Bud Light “Dude” Commercials

TGIF Everyone!

I’m presently on vacation so I’ve got nothing TOO noteworthy to speak of.

A little good news on my end, Thanks to all of you awesome readers, This month, I broke 10,000 monthly visits and not only broke it, crushed it!! As of today, this golf blog has received 14,000 monthly visitors!

Soooo a huge THANK YOU!!!!!!!! to all of you awesome people, I could not have done it without you (hah, obviously, without you, I’d have no readership at all!)

So to kick off your Labor Day weekend, here’s one of my favorite series of commercials, the Bud Light “Dude” commercials.

Thanks again, you guys ROCK!


  3 comments for “TGIF & Bud Light “Dude” Commercials

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    Congratulations my friend! I’m very impressed with all you have accomplished with your Blog! I’m very honored to call you a friend as well!

    Talk to you soon!

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    Awesome montage. thanks, Dave!

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    I meant, Dude.

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