Tiger Woods Farted at the Buick Open

Ok… Ok.. I know, this is childish humor, but come on, it’s not everyday you get to (allegedly) hear Tiger Woods fart on national TV! 🙂

And the announcer setup?? “It’s a lot of tension” and “time to let it release a little more”

……Priceless 🙂

Try not to think too little of me!


  3 comments for “Tiger Woods Farted at the Buick Open

  1. at

    I don’t know if it’s real, but it’s setup perfectly! Sounds more like it might be the camera man though.

  2. Don

    Oh c’mon! So now Tiger is mic’d in his underwear? Yeah right. The cameraman is 30 ft. behind him. Sounds more to me like someone squatted over a microphone placed just off the fairway.

  3. timo

    Yea I think it was the camera man just by the way it sounds.

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