Bridgestone and Srixon Online Golf Ball Fitting

I found a couple of links I thought were pretty cool.

A lot of times, folks are pretty uncertain as to which golf ball they should purchase and most of the time their decisions are either based on word of mouth or price.

Bridgestone and Srixon came out with a pretty cool tool that will let you know, based on your current game and what’s most important to you, which balls you should be using.

Bridgestone Online Golf Ball Fitting

For my game, Bridgestone recommended

Bridgestone e6+ golf ball

Srixon Golf Ball Selector

Srixon recommended

Srixon AD333

I have to say, I’m pretty curious to see how I’d hit these balls… I’m still 100% loyal to the Topflite Gamer, but I suppose putting them against the competition couldn’t  hurt…

What ball was recommended for you?


  7 comments for “Bridgestone and Srixon Online Golf Ball Fitting

  1. at

    Not sure what you may think, but I dug the AD-333.

  2. Don


    I’m 73 years old, 5′-7″, 155 lbs, swing speed 90 +/- , H/C 15, can still get to parallel, and can almost bench press my own body weight, driver distance 225 +/-. …That being said…..I can’t compress the pro V series and I can’t stand the thuddy sound of the E6. I’m looking for a little more distance off the driver, ( 235-240 yds ) would be nice. Based on the above stats, do you think the B330rx would do the job. Bridgestone is on my vehicles, and in my bag and I want to stay with them. I know, I know, try them dumb ass , and I will. Just looking for a professional opinion.

  3. at

    Hey Don,

    Thanks for the comment! Based on your info, I’d say you could probably get some extra yardage out of the B330rx. Also, you might consider the TaylorMade Penta.

  4. ryan

    hey i dont know what golf ball to use i am 13 years old and im off 7 not sure on swing speed but hit the driver about 225-230 !!!

  5. at

    Hey Ryan,

    Thanks for reading the blog! That’s a tough question to answer, there’s many factors that go into choosing a golf ball. If you had to choose one thing you wanted to improve upon, what would it be?

  6. Grant

    im not sure what golf ball to use im 12 and 5 foot 4 and 95 pounds based on that what ball should i use to hit the ball farther and get better contact feeling?

  7. Ethan

    Hey I am 12 years old, 5ft 3 and 115 pounds and i hit my drives 200-220. I compress my irons pretty good but I slice my drives more often then not. What ball do you think I should use??

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