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Dave poses in a BirthGolfDeath t-shirtI found through twitter and Joseph Coonick (Creator/Owner) was kind enough to send me a shirt to demo. I was sent one of the “Life is Short. Play Golf Daily” Tee and I must say, it fits really well with my perspective on life! (now if only my wife could see the light!) πŸ™‚

Now in order to make this work, I had to find the the highest paid clothing model I could find…. Look at that pizazz! πŸ™‚

The shirt is very comfortable and stylish (at least as far as I can tell), but keep in mind, this is coming from a man who used to wear button down silk shirts with fish designs on them… (Sigh…. I miss those shirts, but thanks honey! :))

It’s made out of 52% Cotton & 48% Polyester and it fits really well. It’s a lighter material so it’s, in my opinion, perfect for the summer heat. There’s a couple things I hate about a t-shirt, excess fabric (a dress t-shirt) or really heavy fabric (a t-shirt sweater) and this is neither. Logo

As for the logo, I’m not really a big fan of skulls, skeletons, the undead or anything associated with bones. So, for me, the logo was not terribly impressive. But having said that, it’s not so in your face “badass sporting skulls” that I feel uncomfortable wearing it.

Now, I’m not saying skeletons should not be on golf shirt, they’re just not really my style. Take old John Daly for instance, I also don’t have much interest in loudmouth golf pants, but he (and others i’ve seen) pull them off …..well.

I would like to say that I think the logo is a very accurate representation of the company. Now this is probably my crazy left field deduction, but I interpret the logo like this… The cigar is representative of birth (IE “It’s a boy celebratory stogies), the golf clubs represent death…… hah! j/k, the clubs obviously represent the addiction we all crave and the skeleton golfer represents death, or atleast some persona of the end of the road. I suppose it’s also a safe interpretation to say that the cigar he’s puffing on, could also symbolize death or the pursuit of the afterlife……

Well, I suppose, enough of my ramblings. Below is the press release announcing their new spring/summer line 2009. "Life is Short. Play Golf Daily"B.G.D. (BIRTH. GOLF. DEATH.) LAUNCHES

May 12, 2009 (Denver, Colo.) – Denver-based Birth.Golf.Death. (β€œB.G.D.”) has just released fresh new designs for the spring/summer 2009 season. The new designs include T-shirts, long and short sleeve polo shirts, windbreakers and jackets, each featuring B.G.D.’s signature logo of a skeleton golfer.

Many of the pieces are designed with an alternative flair, while others reflect a Zen-like golf experience, with Buddha and planet Earth featured in the designs.
β€œB.G.D. is golf apparel with an edge for today’s modern golfer,” said Joseph Coonick, B.G.D. creator and owner. β€œA unique and hip alternative to classic golf apparel, B.G.D. T-shirt designs are thoughtful and eye-catching, while the clothing is made from innovative modern fabrics to assist in keeping cool and dry on the course.”

Two recent showings by B.G.D. at the Denver Golf Expo in Denver, Colo. and the North Texas Golf Expo in Dallas, Texas have also emphasized the growing success of the company. Several designs sold out and numerous requests by pro shops, golf stores and tournaments were made to carry the B.G.D. line. Coonick, an avid golfer with a single digit handicap, personally creates the designs and is passionate about each and every new design he creates.

I was given a 15% off coupon code to pass on to you guys, it’s OB15. If you get a moment, check out their website and see if there’s anything you like.

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