PodCast Interview with John Feinstein

Jay Busbee over at The Devil Ball blog posted up a pretty good podcast interview with John Feinstein.

For those who don’t know about John, he is an amazing sportswriter who’s written some of the best golf books out there. I’m currently reading “A Good Walk Spoiled: Days and Nights on the PGA Tour” and I am in awe at how well he tells a golf story. Some of it is edge of your seat stuff, where John keeps you hanging on every word. I made a comment to an associate of mine¬† yesterday that “It feels like I’m reading a good fantasy novel.” If you’re not a fantasy buff, than replace with your favorite genre of books.

The point is, it’s not your every day “golf book” where a bunch of players are being interviewed by the author, it’s a series of great short stories with a fair amount of golf history included in them. I have a sneaky suspicion this is going to be this year’s Orlando Golf Blogger Book of the year.

But.. I digress, here’s the link to the podcast.

John Feinstein has a new book “Are You Kidding Me?: The Story of Rocco Mediate’s Extraordinary Battle with Tiger Woods at the US Open” that was released on May 18th of this year and he discusses it with Jay on the podcast.

The Devil Ball Golfcast, episode 13: John Feinstein

Have you read any books by John Feinstein? If so, whats your take?

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    I’m looking forward to listening to the Feinstein podcast, thanks for posting the link. “A Good Walk Spoiled” is a terrific book, as are “The Majors” and “Open” (which is especially relevant with next week’s U.S. Open revisiting Bethpage Black). I have read and recommend all of these Feinstein books. Haven’t read his Q-School book, heard it’s good too, and look forward to reading “Are You Kidding Me” some time soon.

    Regarding “Good Walk Spoiled” — I think it would be interesting for Feinstein to revisit one of the stories in the book, the story of Paul Goydos. A lot has happened to Paul since “GWS” — his almost-win at The Players last year, the resulting rise in media attention (to him and his affiliation with Long Beach State), and dealing with the death of his ex-wife earlier this year. I can already smell a possible title — “Dirtbag” (The LBS baseball team nickname).

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