Today Only, Champions Gate for only $21 bucks!

During the NBA Finals, Champions Gate Golf Club has a pretty cool special running.

The day after one of the games, you can play the International Course for the monetary equivalent of what the Orlando Magic’s highest scorer shot for the night.

Last night Dwight Howard was good for 21 points and thus today anytime after 10:30am, you can play Champions Gate International Course for $21 dollars.

This deal is only good through

I find myself torn, I mean, ofcourse being the Orlando Golf Blogger, I want to see the Orlando Magic stomp the LA Lakers, but I’d also like a cheap round of golf. 🙂

My proposed solution, which I’ve already delivered to the Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy, is to continue to win, but to spread the points around to all the players so that the highest scorer comes in around, oh, I dunno, 10 points? 🙂

I mean, we’re out there every night, suffering in the sports bars, having to leave our beloved families behind, showing our support for our team, the least they can do is to spread the love so we can play a great course for cheap!

– Dave

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    As a former golfer, planning on getting back into it, I love this deal!

  2. at

    How did I miss this!? I am also in Orlando and would have loved to play CGI for $21.

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