World Golf Tour

Alright, here’s something that’s bound to drain some of the hours out of your day.

Directly from the About Us page….

San Francisco-based World Golf TourTM is the world’s most authentic online golf experience. WGT’s mission is to bring the golf lifestyle and game to everyone via the Web, making the sport accessible and affordable for all. The World Golf Tour experience allows golf enthusiasts to play the world’s most challenging and exclusive courses through superior HD graphics on a PC or Mac platform – for free, no download or software needed. WGT’s online community allows friends, families and golf fans to play a round of golf simultaneously, competing in tournaments for prizes, sharing scores, testing out the newest equipment and reading the latest news in the golfing world.


Play virtual golf for free. 🙂


You can befrind others in the WGT community and play rounds with them. Everyone starts out with the same clubs and should you desire to, using “real world” money, you can upgrade your arsenal. They have most of the new clubs from 2009 for your perusal.

You have a some what limited ability to customize your character, but you can individualize your profile with any image you wish. WGT tracks all your stats, past scores, awards you’ve won, etc.. See below.

World Golf Tour

Presently everyone’s competing to qualify in this.

Tournament: Qualifying Round Virtual U.S. Open 2009
Type: Stroke Play
Date: 25 May – 21 Jun
Entry Fee: Free

If you’re up for a round, my user name is OrlandoGolfBlog, just add me as a friend and we’ll play a round or 10 🙂

Oh, for those of you in the office who have better things to do than work, it’s “office friendly,” no downloads, flash based, and easily minimize-able! 🙂



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