John Daly showing his softer side.

Twitter friend and fellow blogger @alicejam wrote a pretty good post about good ol John Daly wearing pink to show his support for Phil and Amy Mickelson.

Here’s the Link: John Daly showing his softer side

I think it’s pretty awesome. John Daly is a really good guy, he’s on twitter @PGA_JohnDaly and is very active with his followers. He gets a fair amount of bad press but I think he’s a stand up guy with a good heart. Sure, he has some rough spots, but who doesnt? Not to mention, he’s one helluva golfer..


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    I could not agree with you more!! I have long said that JD is a great guy. All the great things he does usually goes unnoticed by the media and public. He indeed has problems but he is more “real” and thoughtful then most “celebrities” could ever dream of….case in point: and this is just the tip of the iceberg with the generosity he shows on a regular bases.

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    He is a great guy…

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