Amy Mickelson Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

This totally sucks…

Found this article over at the The Golf Channel.

Amy Mickelson Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

I considered not posting this, feeling like it was infringing on Lefty’s personal life, but perhaps spreading the word will get more folks to send well wishes and prayers.

The couple married in 1996 and have three children: Amanda (1999), Sophia (2001) and Evan (2003).

Mickelson’s management company says Amy Mickelson will begin treatment with major surgery as early as the next two weeks.

Phil Mickelson has suspended his tour schedule indefinitely.

He will be missed but I admire Lefty for having his priorities in order. Time for him to return the support she’s always given him.

Good luck you guys!


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  1. at

    Our prayers go out for Amy, Phil and the rest of the family. I also appreciate Phil’s attention to the priorities in life. Looking forward to Phil and Amy being back soon.

  2. Sharon Moore

    I know how she is feeling, as I was in her shoes 23 years ago, at just her age. It was terrifying, but you do what you gotta do to beat it and move on, and I’m sure that’s what she will do, given her basic outlook on life and her support from Phil. I know I always liked to hear about women who had survived for long periods, and I wish I knew how to get my well wishes to her so that she knows there are actually a lot of us out here who have beat it!! My thoughts and prayers are with her, hoping she will beat it too.

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