Tiger Woods Swing Portrait

Hi, welcome to OrlandoTiger Woods Golf Blogger.com… hehe.. I know it’s been a tigerrific week and sorry if I’m laying too much Tiger Woods on ya, but here’s one more 🙂

I was cruizing the site checking out the partial blade Victory Red Irons and I found this ridiculous swing video.

They used a Phantom v5 digital camera which is used to study military defense systems to capture Tiger Woods swing from many different vantage points. Click on the link below. Once there click Tiger Woods and then Swing Portrait.

Tiger Woods Swing Portrait

I was at GolfSmith last night and I hit the full cavity back Victory Red Irons last night, I really like the feel and feedback from them. I wanted to hit the partial blades, but the jerks didn’t have them for lefties…  I swear, all you right handed golfers suck!  🙂

But, I digress.. Enjoy the vid and enjoy the rest of the day!


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