Top five Iron sets for 2009 has posted up their top five iron sets for 2009. has been in business for ten years providing completely unbiased, unweighted golf club reviews.

Golf Club Reviews: Top five irons for 2009

The company started back in 1998, by a man named Charlie Mandel who’s passion for golf turned into a much needed business.  Last year, the company was sold for an undisclosed amount and Charlie had this to say about it.

“They offered to buy my hobby and turn it into a very large and important part of the golfing business.” Say Mandel. “Well, Rankmark is like one of my kids. How could I resist seeing it grow taller and stronger?”

To further emphasize the company’s unbiased approach to reviews, they’ve pulled all manufacturer’s advertising from the site.

“We didn’t want even the slightest consideration that the results are ever altered in any way, the test results are what they are. Because of this we felt that no manufacture or company whose products we test should advertise, it’s just simpler this way.”

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    Glad to see the Callaway X-22 iron sets rated in the top 5 by Rankmark. I use them and they’ve cut some strokes off of my game. Great feel and very forgiving on miss-hits.

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