Putting Tip – Consistent Loft makes it Roll

I thought this was a quick good read.  I’ve been using the EyeLine Putting Pendulum rod for about two months and it’s been beneficial.

I will say, at first, it’s VERY awkward but once you get used to it, it helps you develop a consistent swing path and is a very good reminder about breaking the wrists.

If you’ve got $30 bucks to invest in a training aid, this isn’t a bad way to go.

Putting S.O.S. Fundamentals

Solid –hit the putt solid
Online –
start the putt on the target line
Speed –
hit the putt the correct speed

The right loft gets the ball rolling and wanting to go in the cup!

The ideal putter loft at impact is 4 degrees.

That is enough to get the ball out of its depression, but not get it airborne.

Most manufacturers make putters so this loft is correct when the hands are directly vertical above the ball.

If my hands are slightly toward my back foot, then I have added loft.

If my hands are slightly toward my front foot, then I have reduced loft.

Either way … no good.

The Pendulum Putting Rod is how the Tour players (112 in 2008) check this setup position.

Use the rod, a mirror, a friend, or a coach … but make sure you are set up correctly.

Take a Product Tour of the Pendulum Putting Rod

I know it’s not quite an Orlando Golf Lesson, but it’ll help ya 🙂

Not to mention the guys out at EyeLine are freaking awesome and they’ve got a slew of putting drills and games for you to experiment with.

The venerable Brendon Elliott uses a lot of these training aids in his lessons and he swears by em.


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    EyeLine is the best!

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    Very nice and helpful article Dave, You are right Eyeline Pendulum is really a good learning aid.

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