The “Official” launch of the Business Golf Country Club

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(announcers voice) We’ve received word today, from an anonymous source, confirming the alleged merger between two golf giants. Continue reading for a sneak peek at the news.

Below is a press release announcing the “OFFICIAL” launch of the Business Golf Country Club. Many of you know Scot Duke and for those that don’t, he’s a stand up guy with some great advice and big ideas!

If you’re interested in connecting with business folks who also have an interest in golf, this is the place for you!

April 28, 2009: Addison, Texas and Sedona, Arizona

EGolfGroup and Innovative Business Golf Solutions join forces to launch the Business Golf Country Club

“Handled correctly the game of golf can play as a fundamental business function”, say Dave Bisbee, founder and president of eGolfGroup, Sedona, AZ, and Scot Duke, founder and president, Innovative Business Golf Solutions, Addison, TX.

Experienced business golf advocates and teachers, Bisbee and Duke are pleased to announce their joint venture, The Business Golf Country Club, (BGCC), an exclusive internet destination at to bring like-minded business golfers together as members in a private online golf club.

Bisbee and Duke invite golfers of every skill level with an interest in melding business with their passion of golf to enroll as a member and take advantage of the many opportunities this innovative golfers-only community affords.

“The purpose of BGCC is to encourage business relationships and networking opportunities among members,” says Duke, “We have created this networking environment as a means to establish and maintain the professionalism and trust necessary for authentic business relationships.”

Bisbee and Duke assert that many consider business related golf outings as ineffective and feel they are ultimately little more than social etiquette activities.

“The bond that links golf and business is indisputable”, says Bisbee. “On any given day thousands of executives take to the fairways because they have heard golf is good for business, only to discover the process for success is as difficult to master as basic golf technique.”

Scot Duke, author of How to play business golf, realized, after researching and playing business golf that the vast majority of golfers who attempt to use golf as a business tool fail to grasp the precise parallels.

“Like a private country club, the BGCC ensures an exclusive, safe and absolutely spam-free Internet environment for golf-related business and networking,” says Duke. “We offer our members the tools to post messages, communicate freely and exchange information with fellow BGCC members.”

The Business Golf Country Club makes every effort to screen out applicants who have no interest in golf or golfers. Spamming is not tolerated, nor posting any information for the sole purpose of selling products or services.

Members of the Business Golf Country Club will have access to:
• Online discussion forums, announcements of golf and business events, as well as off-site BGCC tournaments, outings and social activities.
• A combination of BGCC hosted, professionally coordinated, online and off-site member-only conferences, seminars, workshops and golf schools.
• Guest opportunities on the BGCC proprietary ClamBake Café podcast talk show.
• Advertising and marketing space available for member products and services.

eGolfGroup®, Sedona, AZ, is dedicated to improving individual and organizational performance. Bisbee offers innovative concepts, compelling golf-business instruction and effective staff development programs that bring a more meaningful dimension to golf and business activities. A host of Fortune 500 companies equip their executives with Bisbee’s performance focused programs to engage in golf with business objectives in mind.

Innovative Business Golf Solutions, Addison, TX, is a multi-faceted business golf consulting/operations firm with programs, services and products that deliver solutions to the business challenges clients find on and off the golf course.

For more information contact
Scot Duke
214 549-0306

Here’s a link to my profile DaveLair

Look forward to connecting with you!


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