OGB is named Blog of the week by RankMark.com



(champagne bottles being opened)

Orlando Golf Blogger has been named blog of the week by RankMark.com, check it out!

Golf Blog of the Week

And I quote (or copy and paste, same difference really…)

“With so many talented people writing informative and entertaining golf blogs nowadays, the Rankmark staff would like to share a few that have gotten our attention. We are also awarding a “Blog of the Week” to reward a chosen blogger with some special recognition for their efforts.”

RankMark.com is a golf equipment testing and review company that has been in business for a little over 10 years and takes a totally unbiased stance towards the products they review.

They receive over two million monthly visits and pride themselves on unbiased reports about the products.

If you’re in the market for  a new set of sticks, it would be a good idea to stop by and see what RankMark.com has to say. 🙂

Happy Earth Day! In honor of this day, you can make your contribution by wholeheartedly replacing all divots you take 🙂


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