GolfNow Orlando – the greatest thing since sliced bread

Incase you’ve been in a coma, locked in solitary or were abducted by aliens and you haven’t heard of this company, you NEED to check out GolfNow Orlando

In this bloggers humble opinion, it’s the number one way to book tee times online.  Out of all of the online tee time companies, they have the largest golf course directory with many Orlando Golf Courses and Florida Golf Courses to choose from.  Not to  mention that you can get most rounds for 25-55% off the current rate. As I mentioned in a previous post, even Disney Orlando has partnered with

You can sort through the tee times by area, price, time, course name and % off.

So, if you’re looking for a last minute, cheap tee time, I recommend going to

Enjoy the weekend!


Here’s some Orlando golf course reviews for your perusal and if you’re looking to play, here’s a selection of discounted Orlando tee times.

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