2009 Masters Champion


🙂 🙂

Ok, Ok, so he didn’t really, but you know we all expected it!  Man, what a weekend!

As I sit here writing this, I feel as exhausted as those pros who played Augusta this weekend!

The way the tournament ended is nothing less than I expected from such an awesome event.  After the dust settled, three combatants were left standing, Kenny Perry, Chad Campbell and Angel Cabrera.  All three wielding a wicked -12 for the tournament and looking ready to dish out some pain :).    After a two hole sudden death, the first, the 18th hole where Chad Campbell was eliminated,  the winner of the 2009 Masters Tournament is Angel Cabrera, from Argentina.

This is the first time an Argentinian has EVER won the Masters.  Well the first time “technically.”

Back in 1968, there was a man named Roberto DeVicenzo.  DeVicenzo is best remembered for his misfortune in the 1968 Masters. On the par 4 seventeenth hole, Roberto DeVicenzo made a birdie, but playing partner Tommy Aaron inadvertently entered a 4 instead of 3 on the scorecard. He did not check the scorecard for the error before signing it, and according to the Rules of Golf the higher score had to stand and be counted.

If not for this mistake, DeVicenzo would have tied for first place with Bob Goalby, and the two would have met in an 18-hole playoff the next day. His quote afterwards became famous for its simplicity: “What a stupid I am!”

Angel Cabrera tells the story about meeting Roberto DeVicenzo after winning the US Open in 2007.  DeVicenzo presented him a picture and a framed green jacket and mentions something to the effect of “this is next.”  Now if this story isn’t 100% accurate, I apologize, the translator wasn’t very specific on the details 🙂

Angel Cabera has a very interesting background. He is a former caddie at Cordoba Golf Club in Argentina, who dropped out of elementary school to provide for his family and figured golf was his only hope to make a decent living.

“There are some players that have psychologists,” Cabrera said. “I smoke.”  This is a sentiment I can totally respect, if I was under the pressure he was after his tee shot on the first hole of the playoff, I’d smoke cigs, stogies, dip, and chew.. 🙂  He was behind a huge tree that was between his ball and the green.  His second shot resulted in a ricochet off a second tree to land in the short stuff…  Ended up in a tie between Angel Cabrera and Kenny Perry.  After a tap in on the 10th, Angel Cabrera found himself in the Butler Cabin, talking with Billy Payne and being presented the legendary green jacket by last years victor, Trevor Immelman.

He REALLY earned the win.

Kenny Perry really played hard and stumbled at the finish line, bogeying the 17th & 18th.  He really must be commended for his effort and should not look back in shame at the loss.  His shot on the 16th will definitely go down in history as one of the greatest shots the masters has ever seen.

His tee shot is the closest anyone has ever been to the pin.  Prior to today, the closest person was none other than the legendary Jack Nicklaus during the 1986 Masters.

As soon as I can locate some video of Kenny Perry’s shot, I’ll post it up.  It was amazing…

To be honest, I was watching Kenny Perry and Angel Cabrera with mild interest.  Angel had a very volitile round and it appeared that the round was beginning slip away from him.  With Kenny, I figured it was only a matter of time before Tiger or Phil would unhorse him and he would slide a few pegs down the ladder.  But man, was I wrong…  The two giants left the field and then the tournament REALLY got intense!  I LOVE THE MASTERS!  For all those who think watching golf is boring, just try and follow this for an entire week and I guranatee you you’ll be on the edge of your seat come Sunday! 🙂

I am already counting the days before next years tourney…


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    Well said….I just hate that the coverage of the Masters on TV was centered around Tiger. The golf world missed out on seeing a lot of great golf that was being played at the same time as Tiger was playing..before long it is going to be hard to watch any of the other 225+ pro golfers on TV unless they happen to make a good shot while Tiger is walking to his ball in the woods, or a commercial runs short before Tiger gets to his ball in the fairway. Hopefully, things will change, but I doubt it.

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    I didn’t really feel the excitement yesterday. Between Tiger and Phil on the back 9, and the way the leaders played the last few as well, it felt like nobody actually wanted to win the green jacket.

    I’m probably in the minority (and might be one of the few watching women’s golf), but I actually think the finish at the Kraft Nabisco was much more exciting.

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    I had to follow all of this on Twitter since I don’t have cable or satellite TV right now. Since I can watch CBC hockey over the air, the only thing I miss is golf 8=( Well, I can always go outside and play golf … wait, no I can’t 8=(

    What would be nice is to have the feed from all cameras on the course available for people to choose who they want to watch. I believe that HDTV has this capability if the networks make the feeds available. Perhaps this is already happening, but if not, golf is one sport that would be a prime candidate for it.

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