2009 Masters Live Coverage

Tony, a good friend and writer of Hooked on Golf Blog is doing a great job of covering the Tournament.

Check him out

2009 Masters Day Two Blog

Btw, how awesome is the Masters customized leaderboard?  I know I’ve been pretty Gung-Ho Masters.com, but man, that website is all you want and more!

2009 Masters LeaderboardI’m able to keep track of all my picks via their customized leaderboard.

and yes, my underdog of underdogs Steve Wilson is not going to make the cut, but I am really proud of the guy and what he’s accomplished.

Oh, yeah, I did pick Tiger Woods as my “Ace” in the hole 🙂

It’s cool how you can click on each player and see a summary of their stats as compared the field average.

Jim Furyk has 100% GIR! That’s ridiculous

He’s also aveaging 1.87 puts per hole where as the field is 1.62 Tsk Tsk.. 🙂

He needs to invest in some EyeLine Golf putting aids. 🙂

Or perhaps some short game coaching via the world famous Brendon Elliott 🙂

I LOVE the masters!



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